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I don't like using numbers to represent characters' relative prowess levels, because without any standard or context, they don't mean anything. What does a differential of 13-15 even signify?
I definitely agree with how people use it normally around here to be pretty confusing at times. I'm just using a straight percentage here. So if Katakuri can lift 100 tons, Cracker can lift 85-87. In other words, he's 85-87% of Katakuri's full strength.
Your the best OP powerlevel debater I know of, so if we were to disagree on something, it would be far more likely that I had erred than you, so hearing that the great Pacifista for the mos part agrees with me is great news. Not trying to suck up or anything, im just acknowledging my inferiority on this matter.
I appreciate your words greatly and thank you. It's a bit of a shame that debating this has lost much the fun that it once had years ago for me. Blame it on priorities shifting, the new writing style, or what have you but it is what it is. Still, I try to always be open and accept new facts as they come and add it to the greater narrative and style that Oda is portraying. Things are different now and I've accepted that. As for arguing that regularly, the truth is that everything is just a bit too fluid to make actual sense of and in many cases, it doesn't make sense. If nothing is clear then it makes it hard to discuss this type of stuff and this isn't even going into the more important and extenuating aspects of the manga that it affects.

But yeah. To stay closer to the Topic Creator's thread, I'm sticking with Big Mom still being too tough to bring down by Katakuri and him having to wait her out....unless, as Great Potato said, she decides to eat Katakuri's mochi like Luffy did and then we all know what'll happen then.