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    Gyou'un takes the gauntlet

    1 on 1 fight, he is healed after each one.

    - Gyou'un vs Rinbukun
    - Gyou'un vs Ranbihaku
    - Gyou'un vs Kyou
    - Gyou'un vs Duke Hyou
    - Gyou'un vs Eishi (both forms)
    - Gyou'un vs Tou
    - Gyou'un vs Gaimou

    Who wins and how much diff.

    Maybe a few chaps too early for this but w/e.

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    Gyouun vs Rinbukun:Gyouun High Diff
    Gyouun vs Ranbihaku:Gyouun Extreme Diff
    Gyouun vs Kyou:Toss up
    Gyouun vs Duke Hyouuke Extreme Diff
    Gyouun vs Death Seeker Earl:Gyouun High Diff
    Gyouun vs Earl Shi:Earl Shi Extreme Diff
    Gyouun vs Tou:Tou Extreme Diff
    Gyouun vs Gaimou:Gaimou High Diff

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    Stops at Kyou or Duke Hyou.

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    Beats Rinbukun, Ranbihaku, and FD arc Earl Shi. Kyou is 50/50. Loses the rest.

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    the way things stand he'd be a tough opponent for any of these guys

    only decisive ones are rin bu kun, ran bi haku, and gai mou; where he beats the two former characters and loses to gai mou

    rest are toss ups
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    Loses definitely vs Duke Hyou and probably Tou. If Tou wins..what should happen... He will lose atleast an arm or his moustache.

    Interesting duels with Gaimou and Kyou. Those 2 can go either way.

    Wins all others mid to high diff.
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