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    What are your speculations on Gentle's quirk?

    What do you think it is specifically and its weakeness?

    Also, what about La Brava's quirk?

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    Making things soft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rax View Post
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    Making things soft.
    Just like you when you walk into a room.

    This joke would work a lot better if you were a girl. You are henceforth Raxita.

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    Making things jellylike.

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    If he is an important character, I think he have a powerful quirk, something spatial manipulation or something. If not, then I guess, something like changing shapes of things.

    No Idea of La Brava

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    I thought it's space warping, but it looks like he can make things soft, which is quite powerful on its own. Imagine him turning one's body or bones into a jelly. That'd be overpowered. As for that girl's Quirk, I don't know. Too early to speculate.

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    Making things soft would be cool considering how he has his knife.

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