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Thread: Goku Or Vegeta

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    Geetz easily.

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    I like Goku, but Vegeta is the infinity better character.

    Piccolo is the best though.

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    Goku is more entertaining, but Vegeta is obviously more developed & whatnot

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    I didn't think it would be so lopped-sided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by X View Post
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    I didn't think it would be so lopped-sided.
    I'm actually not that surprised. Goku isn't a very good main protagonist while Vegeta is the most developed character in the Manga, and the Boo Arc didn't ruin him like it somewhat did Piccolo and Gohan.

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    Back in early dragonball z and dragonball goku was a great character,but afterwards he became obsessed with fighting to a extent where nothing else mattered meanwhile vegeta who joined the "good" guys slowly grew up and became a good guy that likes fighting,but he does stuff besides that.
    If goku stopped getting stronger vegeta would prob do something else and train way less than he does.
    Though lately it seems he only trains to fight a new enemy.

    Anyways,I dont really hate goku,it's just that I like vegeta more.

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    Vegeta, no contest. Goku is autistic and I don't like him.

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    Goku seems much more humble and very down to earth compare to vegeta I think. Vegeta seems to get angry for no good reason a lot of the time, I think it is good that he eventually calmed down a little though and got married and had a family with Bulma

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