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    Yo Tan Wa vs Ou Sen

    if yo tan wa replaced ordo in the coalition, could she have defeated ou sen?

    she gets the same numbers ordo had
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    Ousen's a beast, but I do think he'd have his hands full with Yotanwa and her army. Ordo hasn't had any good showings so far, so I'm not sure how much of his failure was his own incompetence and how much was Ousen's ability (although Ousen is definitely one of my personal favorites).

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    Ousen can make great use of this environment, but I'd like to think Yotanwa wouldn't be losing out to him here, being the Mountain Queen is kind of her thing.

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    120k vs 70k

    and in the mountains?

    I'll definitely give this one to Yotanwa.

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    what kinda information did Riboku feed her?

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    She probably wins quite comfortably

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    In other words : would Yotanwa fall for Ousen's trap like Ordo did?

    I don't think so. She would realize something is off.

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    Ousen gets fed to Rankai.

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    Does Yotanwa even have that many mountain men?
    Mountain men are better than regular soldiers, and they outnumber them 2 to 1, and it's their ideal territory. As long as Yotanwa doesn't fuck things up, Ousen won't be able to win this. At best he can stall while the other Qin armies try to win.
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    Yotanwa's full army is at least 80k right?

    In that case she should comfortably win this. Challeging Mountain Queen in the mountains is a bad idea.

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    I dunno if she would win, but Ousen would have his hands full and be unable to respond to Karin, so Qin would be fucked.

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    Yotanwa wins.

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