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    If Ouki had left Qin

    In the same manner Renpa left Zhao, who would have taken him in?

    - Han
    - Wei
    - Zhao
    - Yan
    - Qi
    - Chu

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    Any state except Zhao and possibly Han judging by chapter 173.

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    I'm sure in the situation Zhao was in, they would've loved to take him in. well, "they" excluding the Zhao king I guess.

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    he is zhao's public enemy n1 tho

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    he was public enemy #1 for every state

    according to gi ka, at least. "there was no state that hadn't suffered at his hands and no state that didn't resent him", so it went; or something like that.

    but he went on to say that it was also proof that he was accepted as a "hero" recognized by all of china

    probably isn't any state that wouldn't see him as an asset if he were to come to them

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    but then again there is the chouhei incident with zhao, which is probably what you were talking about
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    Probably Qi. Because it's far and he would have been likely to face new challenges and new generals he didn't know. And the Qi king is very clever.

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    But that probably didnt include Yan or Qi since they didnt fought Qin.

    I think he would be accepted in any state tbh

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