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    The guy who tried to beat Ouki and thought he had the advantage because he was on horseback wasn't wrong - he's a general so he would know that type of thing. He just had no idea how strong Ouki was.

    I don't think he has tbf. The 4HK are far more than generals on the field for eg. They can effortlessly lead 40 thousand soldiers, Genbou can organise an entire states affairs, Rinko has assassination mode, Kaishibou has heavy cavalry that can treat difficult terrain as if it were nothing, etc. These are elements which wouldn't even be needed or used in the current battle so we wouldn't see them. Rokuomi can have a 20k vs 20k clash with Rinko but it doesn't mean he has the other attributes that make the HK what they are.

    Also Akou hasn't really gone toe to toe with Bananji or Chougaryu either. He was getting the better of Gakuei which is different entirely. His second wave was about to be destroyed by Banaji's first wave until Ouhon intervened and on the second day, it was Gakuei and (surprise attack) Chougaryu aiming to hit Ouhon before he managed do his awakening thing to bypass Chougaryu and cause Bananji (with his 9k troops) trouble which Akou (and his 19k troops) exploited.

    That isn't the same as Akou standing up to a 4HK guy 1 on 1 at all, IMO. Not that Akou isn't impressive, because i think he is. I just rate Rokuomi highly too.
    I would say Akou has that special something as well. In the course of the war he's proven a highly capable and experienced tactical commander who earned the respect of both Banana and CGR in that area, with generally better intellect/leadership feats than Rokuomi, but his true strength is mentioned to lie in his incredible charging ability. Rokuomi hasn't shown that special 'something' while not having the tactical/decision-making feats of Akou either.

    Bananji vs Akou was 9k vs 11k, Akou sent 8k troops to help the Gyoku Hou....still a numerical advantage, but hardly a huge amount by Kingdom standards. At any rate, Akou hasn't went head to head with either of the 2 yet, but Chougaryuu mentioned him as far above the Qin newgen (who even without GG hax is significantly above your average general), he's had a little rivalry with Bananji going on, and I find it hard to believe that Riboku would find a need to send Gyou'un to save the right wing if Akou was a level below both Banana and CGR.

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    A kou seems more impressive tbh

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    I can't help but see Akou as Rokuomi's grandbrother.

    They are really alike except Akou seems to have a bit more brain. Someone said Akou is a grown up Rokuomi. That's pretty much it.

    I think Akou wins, but not by much.

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