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    Is Kisui HK level?

    Kisui vs the following, both sides have 30k


    Scenario 1: Alone
    Scenario 2: Has Batei

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    Don't know if he could beat those guys,but I think that he has what it takes to be a HK.

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    Yes. Plot has dictated that the spotlight has needed to be away from him this arc (Ousen's strategy, Riboku assassin no jutsu, Mouten's awakening). Hopefully that will change.

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    loses vs rinko extreme diff
    wins vs kaishibou mid diff in rough terrain, loses high diff in the plains
    wins vs genbou high diff
    wins vs kyouen mid diff in the plains, loses high diff in rough terrain
    loses vs gyouun high diff
    wins vs chougaryuu mid diff

    what changes with batei:

    wins vs rinko extreme diff
    wins vs kaishibou high diff in the plains
    still loses vs kyouen in rough terrain
    still loses vs gyouun

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    You mean the group of people who apparently clash with Qin 6, managed to land a cut on Ouki and managed to burn Renpa?

    How is someone who got toyed by 5k men commander even compare?

    Anyway, his hype is up there, but no feats so far that indicates he is in their level

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    people need to stop thinking of mou ten, or any of qin's 3 for that matter, as mere 5k commanders

    ki sui is certainly hk level

    whether or not he wins any of these battles, he's definitely competent enough to give most of them a lot of difficulty
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    He definitely has the potential, and Hara really wants him to be viewed that way (giving him control over the whole left wing while Gyouun Chougaryu and Banana share one). He's lacking in feats and even moreso in experience though, and he's looked like garbage compared to an actual 'HK' in Gyou'un. I can't see him beating any of them.

    With Batei he takes Chougaryu and maybe Genbou.

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    Lmao at that idiot been Hk level. Hara might want him to be, but his failures Are just too apparent for that.

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    Not quite. I think we don't give the HK enough credit in general as it is though. But, pretty much every chance Kisuis had to shine, he's dropped the ball. His one showing where he did well was to keep Keisha's death a secret. Riboku letting him control a wing doesn't really imply much to me because Riboku had a plan to kill Makou the first day and end things; all kisui had to do was survive. And he barely did that tbh.

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    Kisui has yet to impress.

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    Hell no

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    Kisui's army really got fucked up by Ryuutou's loss

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