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    Favorite Dragon Ball Transformation

    By now, there's been about 1700 transformations in the DB franchise. Which one is your favorite?

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    Nothing beats the original Super Saiyan. I always thought they should have kept that as the original and only form, and make it so that only Goku could achieve it. We got some good later scenes where the transformation was a staple of a trademark scene, but the amount of emotion and intensity that happened when Krillin was killed by Frieza for the first time was amazing. When others got a hold of it, it honestly felt like if everyone of the D's in One Piece could utilize Luffy's gears (or whatever else would be a good parallel in OP to Super Saiyan in DB).

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    One question.

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    UI honestly caught that original SSJ1 feel somehow.

    Didn't expect them to pull that off.

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    Gohan's SSJ2 transformation.

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    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually really like how SSB and SSR look.

    But in terms of the transformation itself, I'd go with Ultra Instinct as the best because it's pretty much the only one that isn't "Super Saiyan but even more stronger!!!!!" And I really like the way that its portrayed.

    I just wish that the circumstances surrounding Goku unlocking UI were better. Goku "breaking his limit" just seems like a meaningless buzzword at this point. I have faith that the manga will fix that.

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    The original Super Saiyan transformation.

    this is probably my favorite awakening

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    In the Manga, Gohan transforming into SSJ2 was handled better than Goku first transforming into Super Saiyan, which only took one panel to show the transformation.

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    Super Saiyan God (red). Super Saiyan 3 comes slightly after that.

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    Super Saiyan. The newer saiyan transformations may be flashier but nothing beats the feel you got when the super saiyan transformation first happened at Namek.

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    Fusion Reborn

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    I was always a fan of the first SS2 transformation. The electricity around Gohan's body was a nice touch.

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    SS2 Gohan

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