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    One Piece Chapter 893 Discussion Thread

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    I liked it a lot, cant wait for next one.

    I actually think that Kata's design look cooler without the scarf in tle last panel lol

    And that CoC clash

    Where is the poll?

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    So that sister only existed to once again kill the momentum of the fight, that's nice to know.

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    Like I said Katakuri has everything. I wonder if this guy has next level COC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Potato View Post
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    So that sister only existed to once again kill the momentum of the fight, that's nice to know.
    i see it more of a character development for katakuri. hes no longer hiding himself in front of others

    though seriously it should of taken half the ammount of time to do

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    a sister that judges his brother based on appearance huh?

    I’m legit surprised Katakuri didn’t off the fools actually taking his pictures.

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    Good chapter.

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    On the one hand I kinda liked reading it, on the other I freaking hate fights like this where Luffy has been utterly powerless for most of it, has been taking hit after hit after hit, yet somehow refuses to die and essentially tanks it before standing at the end and will win.

    You can clearly see a huge gap forming between Luffy and the SH's now.

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    I would have liked it more if we saw such developments from Luffy against Doflamingo and Cracker too. I mean this is really the first time since the ts where he actually improves mid fight. I’m not really a fan of it being during a fight against a first mate when he already got his ass handed to him by weaker enemies before.

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    katakuri is the fucking man

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    Yeah, this was good.

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    Words cannot express how much l love katakuri. His character is near perfect in my eyes.

    If his prowess level, badass design and smooth but serious demeanour weren't enough, he possesses the most important personality characteristic of all - chivalry.

    I literally almost came when katakuri deliberately weakened himself after discovering that flambe and the goons had been trying to assist him from behind the scenes, because it conveyed that hes a man of honor and wants his victory to be fair and square.

    What a fucking unmitigated badass

    Not everyone dies because they want to die.

    Most of them die against their will

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    Luffy confirmed to be first mate level.

    Nice to see Katakuri has more dimensions to his character, however that mini flashback of his looks way to similar to what Pudding went through.

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    I hope Big mom retires after this arc and Katakuri takes over.

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    Katakuri is an amazing character. Thank you Oda. 5/5 for me. Best thing about this arc is Katakuri, hands down.
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    Flambe was an awful addition to the fight. Just bad. Katakuri, however, once again comes off looking really good though.

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    The whole sister thing felt so out of place. Bitch have you seen your mom and other siblings ? All of you are fucking weird looking. Kata never came off as someone who cares about looking good all time either so this whole mini arc for his character fell flat on its face for me. The Haki scene was dope, but wrap this up already. This fight has gone on too long and has lost whatever luster it had a while ago.

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    Katakuri may very well be the strongest first mate. I mean the dude has everything, CoC, super powerful CoA, next level CoO. Awakening. Honor. Plus he's Big Mom's strongest child. I doubt Luffy will have to fight first mates again after this arc, next are Weevil, the Yonko and Admirals. So I see nothing wrong with Katakuri being the strongest. The only one I can see end up being stronger is Beckman.
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    Kind of meh writing to get Luffy at less of a disadvantage, and luffy should've been dead or near dead by now, though I do respect the way how katakuri's character is written.

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    Katakuri is the one shining light in this arc.
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