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Why is Rindou #1 for you?
1. She has been saved as the last Elite10 third-year to seriously show her cooking. Although we did get a victory from her against Megishima, it wasn't shown exactly what/how/why her alligator dish was better than Megishima's African ramen. I think we are going to see that in her fight against Takumi. We also now know about Eishi's past and why he is the way he is as a cook, but we do not have any backstory about Rindo, which I think we will get now.
tl;dr - Rindo has been saved as the last in terms of serious information. "Saving the best for last"

2. Although Eishi can bring out the best of practically any ingredient, Rindo has a more varied, unpredictable style with being able to use rare ingredients. Eishi probably can handle rare ingredients just like Rindo, but I don't think as well as her. Eishi can handle common ingredients no doubt, but I think Rindo can handle not only common ingredients, but rare as well. She has more experience with various types of cuisines traveling the world. French cuisine is likely the only non-Japanese cuisine that Eishi can handle.
tl;dr - More versatile and more options in her cooking style

3. I believe in the Rindo-Joichiro parallel in terms of cooking. She did get to 2nd seat without trying that much, and Eishi so far does not think of Rindo as inferior to him. In addition, while males do get shown to be the strongest cooks of their generations in Totsuki, the current strongest chef of the 92nd Generation is Erina, so that also leads to some possibility that the current strongest of Totsuki can be female as well. Lastly, Hayama won because his dish showed his "face", and Rindo did say that she wants to see more of "him" in his cooking. Rindo's social personality leads me to think that between the two of them, her dish will come out better because we can see her "face"(maybe personality?,) in her cooking.
tl; dr - Personal belief

I used to think that Rindo >= Eishi, but after seeing Isshiki and Nene, I think that it will turn out to be Rindo > Eishi.