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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp of Pimps View Post
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    Yeah, if that's your concern you're a racist. Plain and simple. Shouldn't matter what color the people around you are or where they came from so long as you can get along with them and, even better, if they share your world view at least somewhat.

    Nations aren't made or operated on based on ethnicities, but on culture. A long as liberalism reigns supreme the glue of cultural identity will get weaker and weaker, forcing on people to rely on their ethnicity instead of their ideas and practices.
    Hey I never said its what I individually worry about, fact is I dont worry about it at all since I dont even live in the western world its just the common excuse used by most people I see on the internet and that I have talked to whether online or in person, most of these people claim that they usually feel alienated in their own countries and that their culture and indigenous people are at risk due to immigration.

    As for me I cant really say much since I dont live there and I dont know how it feels like to live in a multicultural society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baji17 View Post
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    In 20-30 years literally every western country is going to have a huge demographical shift, most of western europes capital cities arent even populated by indigenous people anymore and they're being affected even in the smallest cities and villages, u realize that London is a city with a Brtitish minority of 40%, has a pakistani for city major and by 2050 the british population is supposed to be less than 30%, Paris, Amsterdam, u name it.

    I guess getting erased from ur homeland slowly but surely is usually a thing most people worry about.

    Also, maybe a little context.

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