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Thread: Gyou'un vs Tou

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    I have to say it is quite simple to think that only Tou can be a GG lieutenant who can have the power of one now... What arrogant bullshit, with all due respect.

    Shin can be perfectly in the same position now than that Kou Yoku was against Tou during the Coalition War and he kept ground too, evenly. Showing GG potential. Rin Shou Jo talked about Gyou'un on the same level as Ouki about Tou by the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zentos View Post
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    I'm getting the impression that when you say comparable you mean an equal or something along the lines.
    that's the definition of comparable, so yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokio View Post
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    that's the definition of comparable, so yeah.

    That definition is so all over the place that it's not even funny. How can "near" and "equivalent", or "equal to" and "in the same league as" be synonyms for the same thing, when they themselves are not...comparable.

    For real though, I've never used or seen it used in order to portray equality between two things and I don't know why anyone would use it in such fashion. The very word loses it's purpose as such, since there's little to no point comparing things that are dead equal. You compare something that is greater/lesser, yet close enough that it wouldn't warrant an immediate dismissal.

    If I say comparable, I'm thinking about the Toriko 8K who are all in the same bracket, yet there is a known hierarchy among them. Heracles will never beat Guinness, yet they both share the trait of firmly standing atop the animal kingdom.
    When we're talking about physics, a speed is comparable to the speed of light when it approaches 60% of it's value, or in other cases when values are in the same orders of magnitude.

    For me it's never been a word used to express something that is "equivalent" and "equal to", but rather "near" or "in the same league as".
    In accordance to that, I'm not talking about Tou being their equal, but rather not being completely at their mercy when it comes to strategy. That's what comparable means to me.

    Either way, guess we've been agreeing all along.

    Wonder how many times we've been in this situation before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Potato View Post
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    What do you mean "at least" on par with Tou? What hype or feats does Gyou'un have that you'd expect Tou to be the bare minimum level of what he should be at? Gyou'un is good no doubt, but Tou is proven to be one of the most formidable warriors in the series with legit Great General weight in his favor. I'd say "at most" Tou level is a much more reasonable claim but I personally wouldn't put him that high without reason to believe it, let alone even higher.
    I mean at least 96 strength and maybe 97. Based in no feats at all but in pure. I hope he is at least 96 so Shin could defeat a truly strong opponent

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