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I know what I know from observation. By observing social media, reading articles, conversing with people in real life, watching videos, following the news and so on. Look through the replies in this very thread. The idea that the #MeToo movement has devolved into a sort of witch hunt is a fairly common opinion.

If it was the case that we needed to have personally interviewed thousands of women who are involved in the movement in order to know information regarding it, then none of us, including yourself, have the right to speak about it. But thankfully we do not need to delve into such depths in order to find information out about the movement.

Of course anyone who says that they do not mind an innocent person getting prosecuted will be torn apart. I never claimed that anyone would be okay with innocent people being prosecuted. The claim that myself and other are making is that innocence is no longer the default assumption in the minds of many people participating in the movement. That's the issue here.

I never once said anything bad about the concept behind the movement. Those are sexually abuse others need to be found and punished one way or another. I have no issue with that. The issue I have is that when large quantities of people gather together things will always get messy unless they are organized by a central body along certain guidelines. That's why having a government is so vital for human existence. The #MeToo movement is no different. Yes, the premise is good and honorable but when millions and millions of people get together without being organized properly anarchy will ensue.
i do not question you having build your opinion based upon observations and following certain topics. however the conclusion you draw is wrong.

you are the one making the claim that "a large portion" and "many" people who participate in the movement no longer assume innoccence by default when someone is accused of sexual harrassement. for that claim you need a solid foundation, which is something you can not bring. what you can bring are ragtaged posts by a select few of people who maybe in fact prejudge people. that has got nothing to do with the metoo movement but their characters in general.

in terms of media coverage, things may look different in the usa, the topic is surprisingly civil in the EU. yes, there are columns of people who broadcast their opinion, even when its prejudging someone, but every(dont nail me with exceptions) major report about the cases of sexualy accused people was not prejudging anything or anyone. they spoke in conjunctives, which is the only way you can talk about these accusations without evidence. once people have actually admit to it or witness reports from people who have not been victims and as such been directly involved surfaced was the only time when the narrative changed.

needless to say that many of these accusations in fact have been credible. starting from prominent politicans in the democratic party (forgot his name, there was a picture with him grabbing a radio moderators breasts), the us gymnastic team therapist, and going as far as important cabinet members in britain. without the metoo movement these things would have never come to light, since the victims lacked the strenght to speak openly about their experiences. again, there are surely some exceptions for the reason why certain people do not speak about it, but in terms of the confirmed cases the prior lack of bravery was the case. a movement which gives victims of crimes the needed strenght to speak out is not doing anything wrong.