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    Favorite Type of Role

    I know people like experimenting with roles around here and coming up with stuff that might be hard to categorize, but in a traditional setup what sort of ability do you find yourself appreciating the most.

    Protective- (Bulletproof, Doctor, Commuter, Lynchproof, Jailer, etc)

    Offensive- (Vigilante, Strongman, Bomb, etc)

    Investigative- (Cop, Role Cop, Tracker, etc)

    Voting- (Vote thief, Doublevote, etc)

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    Right here, right now

    great boon for either side.

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    May 2016

    Nothing beats the feeling of catching scum in the act and then see them slowly lose hope as the day ticks by and the wagon on them just grows and grows.

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    Never got an offensive or a investigative role.

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    Cafe Conqueror X's Avatar
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    Offensive. Investigation can be messed up easily and defending is kind of lame.

    The Commander From Hell

    We The North

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    investigative, but watcher/tracker more than cop. They're deadlier because they're often underestimated.

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    Horn of Africa

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    Have not played mafia enough to really know my fav but offensive and investigation seems like the most exciting ones.

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    Being scum > everything else tbh

    Finalbeta's Final Meltdown
    Quote Originally Posted by Finalbeta View Post
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    And when the moon will be up I will still be on the group and when the sun then will rise I still will surprise. Make me join do it for me I'm a friend of yours please make me fucking join I need it. Too much freaking has been passed and I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried just in order to join

    Please my man please do it for me I need it I need I need it I need this I just need this make me join I fucking need it to continue my NF path from where it ended.

    This must happen

    Don't stop make it happen make it happen my dream

    Don't stop make it happeeeeeennm

    Don't stop make it happeeeeeeeeen

    I just need so for my life you have to fucking do it please help me

    I will do good I will do indeed good give me trust for once my man please I know you can do it? Of course you can. Please your heart is filled in kindness and I know that so help me I need it. I need your love I need your help and this is all the fuck I can prove to you please accept me in the group. Accept me at least once. Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bald Headed Negro View Post
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    Being scum > everything else tbh
    Scum with some layer of protection (Godfather, bulletproof, or possibly both) is all I need

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    Offensive and investigative are my favorite

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    I'll probably be the most interested in a game if I get an investigative role.

    Though defensive can be fun when you bait the scum into wasting a night kill on you

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