If Damage was a clear allusion to Colonel Maverick (and the Hulk in general), then The Terrifics is DC's take on the Fantastic Four (who in turn was Marvel's take of Challengers of the Unknown. Maybe New Age of Heroes is about being inspired by Marvel's creations which were in turn inspired by DC's creations?)

Either way, join Michael Holt aka Mr. Terrific (formerly Mr. Terrific II) as one of the smartest men in the universe and leader of The Terrifics as he leads his group of four on a journey of exploration and adventure!

Along for the ride is science-themed hero Metamorpho who can change his chemical makeup to be whatever it is he wants. Plastic Man, a stretchy hero who is definitely wearing his son's costume and has most recently been seen as an egg in DC's Metal event, and Phantom Girl who is actually from the future as a member of the Legion of Superheroes and has the ability to phase through objects (like a phantom, duh) and looking considerably more dressed than normal.

I suspect this will be something of a fringe enjoyment title for those who enjoy the odder side of comics. With such personalities like Plastic Man on the team who promises to clash with everybody, a potential time traveler, an intense genius, and a sometimes unstable hero whose first adventure is the Dark Multiverse to save Tom Strong? What can go wrong? But I'll be checking it out. If anything to see what's going on with the LoSH, Plastic Man, and Terrific. And actually, Metamorpho too. It's a pretty strong lineup of characters in a pretty bizarre setting that'll be free from some of the continuity constraints and allow for some pretty interesting and unexpected storytelling.

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I forgot to add this was being written by Jeff Lemire who wrote Old Man Logan's recent series, Animal Man, Noir, Sweet Tooth, Frankenstein Agent of SHADE, and oh... Most importantly Jeff writes Descender.