Looks like Iron Man has someone to fill Bendis' shoes in Spider-Man's Dan Slott. In a surprising move Marvel has placed the long time, and sometimes controversial, writer of Spider-Man on the Golden Avenger's book to help oversee the return of Tony Stark.

So if you liked Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Verse, and pretty much any Spider-Man story in the past 5 years or so you'll probably want to give Iron Man a try.

Nothing is currently known about the final arc of Spider-Man (Issue 801 I think is Slott's final issue), and nothing is known with what Slott is going to do with Iron Man. I assume Slott will probably want to throw in some form of Armor Wars-esque storyline. I'm sort of curious what he's going to do with MJ or even if he plans on keeping her around. He'll probably want to renovate some of Tony's old villains and most likely will try to reinvigorate Stark's business side.