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    How to Create an AG


    STEP 1:
    Pick a theme

    e.g. Diseases

    STEP 2:
    Decide how long you want the game to last and how many players you want. Then, split those players up into the amount of factions you want. Lastly, pick faction names and roles.

    e.g. 2-3 Days; 8 players; 3 factions (2 civs factions of 3; 1 assassin faction of 2); Regular Diseases (Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes), STIs (HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes), Other Causes of Death (Traffic Accidents, Suicide).

    STEP 3:
    Do basic math to find out how much Attack/Kill HP each faction should have so that they can reach Great Victory or higher in the set time frame of the game.
    Always use the amount that 1 civilian faction needs to die to win.
    Do not consider the lynch as part of that attacking power, because a mislynch is far likelier due to simple probability.
    Make the total combined civs 2x stronger than the combined assassins.

    e.g. Civs need 5 ppl to die in 2-3 days to win.
    1. Average the days (2+3= 5; 5/2= 2.5)
    2. Divide the total amount of ppl that need to die by the amount of ppl they need to die everyday. (5/2.5 = 2)
    Therefore, we know that the civs need need a combined attacking power that kills 2 people.
    3. Divide the combined attacking power by the number of civilian factions to find out how much each should get. (2/2=1) Therefore, each civilian faction will have a combined power that could kill 1 person.
    4. Divide the combined attacking power by 2 to find out how much the assassins should get. (2/2=1)
    Therefore, the assassins will have a combined power that could kill 1 person.

    STEP 4:
    Decide what kind of HP system your going to use. Then decide how much HP everyone is getting.

    e.g. ♥; 6

    STEP 5:
    Breakdown the combined attack power and distribute individually. You don't have to distribute this evenly. It doesn't matter as long as the totals are equal ^-^7 You can do it so many different ways. Let your creativity shine.
    Assassins = 2 ppl
    1. gets a kill (6♥)
    2. gets nothing

    Civ faction 1 = 3 ppl
    1. gets an attack (3♥)
    2. gets an attack (2♥)
    3. gets an attack (1♥)

    Civ faction 2 = 3 ppl
    1. gets an attack (3♥)
    2. gets an attack (2♥)
    3. gets an attack (1♥)

    STEP 6:
    Decide what other abilities you're going to include and distribute to each role. Below is a list of abilities you can use/draw inspiration from. Don't be afraid to unleash your creativity and invent your own, especially if for a theme where you can really bring the characters to life. If they don't work out, next time you can tweak them. Keep all abilities in an organized record for future use.

    All of the active abilities are listed in priority order. You can change this hierarchy around, but not too much. I'll get to that later when discussing the Ability Tree.


    1. Proxy
    2. DP Manipulation 1 - able to change one sentence in the DP or add in one sentence.
    3. DP Manipulation 2 - Fake RS ability.

    4. Invulnerable – Invulnerable to any damage (1 time use).
    5. Unblockable Kill 1 – Group kill. Reduce a palyer’s HP to 0.
    6. Unblockable Kill 2 - reduce a player’s HP to 0.
    7. Unblockable Kill 3 - Roulette - Give 4 players and gun to play with, one will die at random. Can only be used once. We can have the selected 4 choose a number from 1-4 and one of the numbers will be the loaded gun and the person who picks it will die.
    8. Unblockable Kill 4 – reduce 2 players’ HP to 0. Can only be used once.

    9. Movement Manipulation - Override another player’s movement and place them anywhere on the map.
    10. Ability Choice - You can choose to use any of the following abilities: Stun 1, Attack 2, Block, Heal 2, Investigate. However, someone else has to have used it before in the DP. GM will notify you of what abilities have been used. Unfortunately, this also means you can’t use any actives on Day 1.
    11. Wide range all enemy attack – 25HP
    12. Brainwashing – Turn a civilian into an assassin. You cannot use this ability on Day 1.
    13. Protect 1 - Protect 2 players
    14. Protect 2 - Protect 1 player
    15. Extract - Extract all the damage a player has received (restoring them to full HP) and use the damage you extracted on someone else. Cannot be used on yourself. Can only be used once.
    16. Switch - Switch places with someone so that they receive all the damage you would have OR receive all the damage they would have received.
    17. Reflect – reflect someone’s attack onto themselves.
    18. Redirect - redirect another player’s ability.
    19. Stun 1 - player’s active abilities will fail on the day he is stunned [ A player who is stunned will still be able to vote, and post in the DT]
    20. Attack 0 – 80 HP
    21. Attack 1 - 60 HP
    22. Attack 2 - 50 HP
    23. Attack 3 - 40 HP
    24. Attack 4 - 30 HP
    25. Attack 5 - 20 HP
    26. Attack 6 - 10 HP
    27. Attack 7 – divide a player’s remaning HP in half
    28. Block - block an attack aimed at you or stop the attack of another player.
    29. Poison - poisoned player will lose 50 HP each day unless healed
    30. Weaken – weaken a player and make them more susceptible to attacks. (add 20 HP damage to every attack inflicted).
    31. Steal 1 - steal 20 HP from someone for yourself [cannot have more than 100 HP]
    32. Steal 2 – steal an item
    33. Heal 1 - 100 HP [back to 100HP]
    34. Heal 2 - 50 HP [cannot have more than 100 HP]
    35. Investigate 1 - investigate a player’s RS.
    36. Investigate 2 - investigate a player’s Role and Faction.
    37. Investigate 3 – investigate a player’s Role.
    38. Investigate 4 – investigate a player’s Faction.
    39. chain a person of your choice. Player won’t be able to vote, say anything in the DT or pm anyone for 1 day.

    1. Vote manipulation 1 - 2 Votes
    2. Vote manipulation 2 - you can vote for anyone in the VT and send your real vote to the GM
    3. Vote manipulation 3 - lynch immune
    4. Able to move 2 spaces a day.
    5. Escape 1 - only 1 of every 2 attacks hits (the stronger one hits)
    6. Escape 2 - If the first attack received for the day is 50 HP or less it will do you no damage
    7. Cannot harm anyone in your faction - If you attack someone from your faction nothing will happen to them.
    8. Investigation Immunity 1 - RS cannot be investigated
    9. Investigation Immunity 2 - Anyone who investigates you will lose 20 HP.
    10. High offense 1 - being able to use all abilities each day.
    11. High offense 2 - being able to use 2 abilities a day
    12. High offense 3 - Your active cannot be blocked, redirected, reflected, or protected against; nor can it be reduced, escaped, or defended against.
    13. High offense 4 - being able to use your active twice a day.
    14. High offense 5 - Your active cannot be redirected.
    15. High offense 6 – Your actives cannot be blocked, redirected, reflected, or protected against.
    16. High offense 7 – Your active cannot be reflected.
    17. High offense 8 – you can steal twice a day.
    18. High offense 9 – your attack increases in strength if you are attacked.
    19. High defense 1 - Attacks of 50 HP or less don’t inflict damage.
    20. High defense 2 - attacks you receive are reduced by 10 HP.
    21. High defense 3 - If attacked the attacker will be stunned for a day [Stun 2] - where a stun occurs as a result of a passive, the stunned player’s active abilities will fail on the following day. [ A player who is stunned will still be able to vote, and post in the DT].
    22. High defense 4 - If attacked, attacker will lose 20 HP.
    23. High defense 5 - you will not show up in the DP unless attacked, stunned, or otherwise successfully harmed.
    24. High defense 6 - attacks you receive are halved.
    25. High defense 7 - you are stun immune.
    26. High defense 8 – cannot be weakened
    27. High defense 9 - Any damage you receive will heal in two days.
    28. High defense 10 - First attack to target you on Day 1 will fail. To be used in conjunction with ability choice.
    29. High defense 11 – you have 50 HP extra
    30. Surprise Passive 2 - If conditions are met, one RS will be upgraded (The kill passes by inheritance for assassins. Powers pass to someone in faction for civs)

    Last updated after the OP game. Red abilities are strictly for assassins only.

    Assassins = 2 ppl
    1. kill (6♥) + proxy + Fake RS + vote mnp 1 + high offense 1 + investigation immunity + high defense 1
    2. proxy + Fake RS + Protect + Heal + Investigate + high offense 2 + kill inheritance + kill increases if dead

    Civ faction 1 = 3 ppl
    1. attack (3♥) + heal + high defense 9
    2. attack (2♥) + investigate + investigate immunity
    3. attack (1♥) + protect + escape 1

    Civ faction 2 = 3 ppl
    1. attack (3♥) + heal + high defense 9
    2. attack (2♥) + investigate + investigate immunity
    3. attack (1♥) + protect + escape 1

    Balancing is now complete! With all the ground work done, you can churn out Role Sheets in no time. You can even save that for last and move on to making your Discussion Thread and Voting Thread which is what I usually do since honestly coming up with unique mechanics (which I have to explain in the DT) is the most challenging part to me.

    STEP 7:
    Make Role Sheets!
    Now we get to the fun part. You may be tempted (especially with a theme that lends itself well to AGs such as battle mangas that already have unique powers) to jump right into making role sheets BEFORE balancing. However, you will make your life a lot easier by simple plotting out what powers each faction is going to have. Otherwise, you run the risk of simply starting out with your favourite characters and making them over powered and then having to take out powers you really liked making. Instead, see the whole picture from the start and coming up with passives and limitations that would allow you to include those wonderful ideas.

    This my template for AG roles:

    [Picture of your Role]

    Active: (To be used on a player of your choice)
    Passive: (Will work automatically)

    Victory Goals
    Faction: Faction Goal.
    Personal: Any player can achieve this as long as they complete their PVG (personal victory goal). It does not matter if they die after achieving the goal. It will still count.
    Survival: Survive until the end of the game.
    Great: Faction Victory + Survival + Civ/Ass goal.
    Ultimate: Great Victory +1 other member of your faction survives along with you.
    Supreme: Great Victory + all members of your factions survive.

    Diseases AG - Rolesheets

    These victory goals are pretty much the universal standard, but some host only use 4 Victory Goals (Faction, Personal, Survival, Great)

    Goals can get a lot more complicated and interesting depending on the game. It's really up to your own creativity. Especially for Custom Games that diverge heavily from the usual AG set up.

    STEP 8:
    Make your Discussion Thread. The italicized ones are optional.
    1. Make a Banner for the game.
    2. Write Daily Post 0. This is where you will establish a backstory as to why these factions are at war.
    3. Make an eye catching banner for The Rules so no one misses it. I think I'm actually the one person who ever did this.
    4. Set out the rules! Rules don't change much from game to game.
    5. Make important notes.
    6. List the factions and their faction victory goals. I only list the goal on TMF because ppl are too lazy to investigate properly.
    7. List your PM Protocols
    8. Make Ability Tree. This shows which abilities are in the game, and which ones are more powerful. There is a natural hierarchy of abilities (see above). One of the key differences between AG and MG, is that the Kill always goes FIRST and the Lynch always goes LAST. Kills are essentially unblockable with Protects only being able to stop attacks. However, you can create hidden special abilities that may protect someone from a kill. Nevertheless, the lynch is ALWAYS last because everyone should get to use their abilities before judgment time. As minor as this reversal of kill and lynch may seem, in action, the game unfolds a lot differently, especially since all the actions happen the same day. After Kills, protection has the highest priority, followed by actions that allow you fuck with who people attack. Stun, Block, Attack get mixed around a lot. The order depends on what the host likes and the order you change them in changes how they work. E.g. if you have attack>block or attack=block a block can usually only stop an attack aimed at you, not intercept an attack. If attack > stun, then the stun usually takes place the following day, not the same day. I prefer the order Stun>Block>Attack, but that's just my preference. Heals ALWAYS go after all damaging abilities because if they happen to reach 0HP through attacks they die. And thus a heal would fail because you wouldn't heal a completely healthy person and you can't heal a dead person. That's how life works. Investigates can go wherever you're comfortable with it, but I like to put them next to last, because it makes sense story wise. If a player uses an investigate and they're successful, but they die anyway, what's the point? they won't get the results. and they can't share them.
    9. Write mechanics. Give step by step instructions about how to play and explain any unique workings of your set up.
    10. Include countdown.
    11. Spot for linking Daily Post for easy access.
    12. List of players and their HP.
    13. Spot for linking the big reveals for the end of the game.

    I like to make the DT in PM so that everything is already coded perfectly and I just have to copy and paste it when the game actually starts. Do the same for the VT.


    STEP 9:
    Make your Voting Thread.
    1. Make a banner XD
    2. Set out the rules/mechanics. Rules don't change much from game to game, but voting mechanics can be very susceptible to the Host's preference. e.g. if there a tie, I prefer to lynch both. some prefer rng. some prefer both live, some make them battle to the death

    STEP 10:
    Check your game for balance issues and spelling errors. It it helpful to have someone else look over it. No matter how much experience you gain, there will always be issues you don't foresee that you'll need to fine tune. Pick a patient person or a friend that will actually read all the shit you type.
    Finally, you're done you can pat yourself on the back and relish in the new world you've just created!

    @meru; does this all look okay to you.
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