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Thread: Moral dilemma

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    if you feel bad for them then give them a bit of money, or even better just give them food instead.

    if they steal again go to the police

    this situation is a bit of a no brainer to me. yeah you can have friends that do drugs or are a bit of a dick sometimes but if they start commiting crime then its time for you to step in

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    Shoplifting can be surprisingly common at stores, especially ones that don't have the security means set up to stop such things. If it's a decent size grocery store there's no way a single guy is going to be hitting it hard enough to leave a dent. Honestly the store isn't likely to even know if food was stolen in the first place, stores don't go around counting all of their stock and if they see they're running low on something they assume it was bought and order more. When you have dozens of customers cycling through the place filling up their carts for 15 hours a day nobody is going to think twice about some missing product when the entire point of the store is to sell the stuff.

    There's only a few reasons a store will know they've been shoplifted, if they've caught the shoplifter in the act whether by eye witness or through security measures, or if the shoplifter took an item out of its package and crushed it (the package contains the barcode so shoplifters will often remove the product from within to avoid setting off potential sensors). If its the former they should already have their guy and if its the latter its not enough to go on.

    As for the friend in question I obviously wouldn't report him to the store. It's not even a question of morals, this is a common sense thing and I wouldn't do it even if I thought he deserved to be punished for it.
    -Even small towns are bound to have more than one store to hit, there are gas stations and whatnot that carry food, just because he's been shoplifting food it's jumping to assumptions that my store is the one he's been hitting.
    -Even if it was your store its a foolish assumption to think he's the only one shoplifting and that it would put an end to the problem
    -There's no evidence to get him on other than word of mouth. He didn't steal fancy jewelry from a high end store, he stole food which he's probably already eaten since he said the reason he's doing so is to fight his hunger. Even if he hasn't eaten the evidence, it's not like everyone keeps receipts around on everything they've bought. The cops wouldn't take a second look in his direction because there's absolutely nothing to charge him on, all you'd do is risk ending your friendship.

    As for how to handle the scenario in question, only thing to really do is to try asking the store manager to install better security measures if they for some reason feels they're being stolen from, and that's probably what law enforcement would tell them if your boss tried getting them involved. As for the friend, try setting them on the right path.

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    reporting is the worst thing you could do. doing so, the first thing your boss/coworkers etc. think about is you being on good terms with a criminal. and while they will openly praise you for your rightenousness they will in the future look in your direction whenever something goes in a way that it could be connected to a criminal act. this does not even need to be done with bad intent, its just that the association of "guy X has relations to a criminal" is a stronger reinforcement than "guy X once has done the right thing".

    you are actively denying yourself moving forward in that field of work (in the shop) with naive honesty.

    instead of deciding whether to report or not to report you should aim for a narrative.

    clear these things first: a) the stealings have to stop, so you do not want your friend to steal again

    b) you do not want to be harsh on a criminal who is driven into a corner, at worst he will stop giving a crap about you and continue his deeds - if that happens you have basically hidden the information of a criminal act, allowing further criminal acts to occur

    c) you want to end up being the one who, after offering to help find a solution to the shopliftings, actually does so. this will give the association of you being a problem solver in the eyes of your boss / coworkers, albeit not really consciouslessy


    my move: 1:

    i try to establish the worth of the stolen goods (if you want to repay it somwhere down the line, but actually unecessary)

    2. i talk to my friend that i can not sit idle while he destroys his live with shoplifting. instead of asking him to stop i tell him about the positive outlook of life if he stops doing so. i know this will not change his current situation, but going from the OP he does so out of desperation. so the goal is to steer him away from giving in to his desperation at least in my immediate viccinity (maybe he stops completely, unlikely but who knows) .- so continues shoplifting in the very shop i do will stop

    3. since it looks very suspicious that shoplifting stops right the moment i offer my help i tell my boss that i will go on lookout duty - maybe even spend the night shift or whatever. since i can not guarantee success i advocate for a sign "video security" on the door and maybe a fake video camera somewhere in the shop. this way the implication is not: guy X offers help and it stops but: guy X offers help, takes the initiative, changes thing Y and the shoplifting stops

    thats about it


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    Give him some money and food. I wouldn't rat him out.

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    nah. reporting him is the worst you can do due to various reasons

    need to make sure he stops that shit tho - at least in your shop


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    Sweep it under the rug and tell him not to do it again. If it persists, then you must stop it.

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    I didn't hear shit

    Let the cops figure it out

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    Who gives a fuck lol

    Just feed him your leftovers or something

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