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Thread: Season 6 VS 7

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    Season 6 VS 7

    Which do you think was the better season?

    I prefer 7. I really liked season 6 but it had some weak and boring parts when season 7 was exciting and solid through. My only main problem was that the pacing felt too fast. Did not mind the capturing a wight stuff like a lot of others did.
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    The pace was right and it was the last season with integrity it feels. Season 7 feels like a fangasm in comparison

    Thanks to Cake~

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    Season 7 all the way

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    Season 6, at least the plot still made some sense then (kinda). All the special effects and FMV can't save season 7's fanfic level writing.

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    Overall I liked season 6 more. Season 7 had superior action but some plot lines could have been done way better.

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