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    Rank the big three most popular fights

    Ichigo VS Byakuya
    Ichigo VS Ulquiorra

    Naruto VS Pain
    Rock Lee VS Gaara

    One Piece:
    Luffy VS Lucci
    Luffy VS Crocodile

    Personally i rank them like this:

    1. Ichigo VS Byakuya (Absolutely goat and perfectly paced)
    2. Luffy VS Lucci (Another goat fight but i guess the Byakuya fight was a little cooler)
    3. Ichigo VS Ulquiorra (Loved this fight but it was not quite as satisfying as the first two)
    4. Luffy VS Crocodile (Round 1 and 3 were amazing but round 2 was weaker allthought still good)
    5. Naruto VS Pain (Perhaps a bit too long but it was a lit fight)
    6. Rock Lee VS Gaara (Best side character shonen fight i have seen)
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    Luffy vs Lucci > Rock Lee vs Gaara > Ichigo vs Byakuya = Luffy vs Crocodile > Naruto vs Pain > Ichigo vs Ulquiorra

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    Do you miss Obito vs Kakashi inside the Kamui dimension?That fight shits on all of this 6

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    Luffy vs Lucci > Ichigo vs Ulquiorra(I'm bias towards Ulquiorra) > Naruto vs Pain > Ichigo vs Byakuya = Rock Lee vs Gaara > Luffy vs Crocodile

    I don't get why people like Luffy vs Crocodile so much. At first it was really cool, I admit it. But afterwards all I remember is me raging on why Crocodile is using a stupid poison hook instead of his drying hax. The fight itself was full of plot conveniences.

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