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    Best Pokemon Game

    Out of all the original releases, fanmade games, and ROM hacks, what do you think is the best Pokemon game? For me, I still think it's Pokemon Reborn (fanmade). I've played it probably 7-8 times and it's still a ton of fun with a great story.

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    Soul Silver/Heart Gold

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    Reborn is really growing on me, favourite completed tho was sapphire

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    Official game is Platinum and y'all know it.
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    Idk they're all pretty good (cause they're so similar) but id probably say X

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    Probs Crystal since it's the bolid version of that gen

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    Yea reborn is by far the best one. Mainly because its more dark and harder and also contains all the pokemon

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    One of the older gens I'd say, more recognisable and "legit" designed pokemon and none of that ev/iv focus and breeding crap.

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    Heart Gold / Soul Silver for me.

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    Ruby/Sapphire. Great games and have so many found memories of playing them as a kid.

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    Red blue yellow

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    Yeah heartgold/soulsilver

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    Mystery Dungeon 2

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    I like reborn the most if we include fanmade ones tho

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    I always tend to move towards Heart Gold when this question comes up.

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