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    Which Regular from the cast would you want most on your team?

    If you were to ally yourself with just one regular from Baam's circle of friends and acquaintances, who would you choose (bar Princesses and Baam himself)?

    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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    Koon Aguero Agnis.

    "For years he devoted himself to training and after he could no longer find strong foes, Mihawk joined the Warlords."

    "Though Hawk-Eyes strikes fear into the hearts of those who follow the way of the sword, he looks forward to the future, to the day when he will meet the swordmaster that surpasses his rival 'Red Hair'."

    "He rose to renown even before the Great Age of Piracy. Even now he reigns supreme as the World's Best in name and actuality, an exceptional master swordsman."

    "He sits atop as the strongest, gazing down at his prey. The World's Strongest Swordsman!"

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