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    FT is shit

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    Black Clover - Rades has a trump card beyond his No.ZERO zombie? Sounds cool. The chapter seemed rather short with the three different points it took place. The entire reveal was pretty cool though. I think Tabata had a really good couple misdirections and strays to keep the Licht thing a bit shaky to determine, while giving people who paid attention more reasoning other than just "This guy is suspicious!"

    Hero Academy - Laser dude is kinda creepy. I predict he's going to be actually really powerful for a villain and he's just been using his power In a stupid way as a means to convince everyone he's not much to be paid attention to, but his actual power once revealed will be really good.

    One Piece - Not much to say. Big Mom further disappoints, Dogtooth can't even put down base Luffy, Sanji for some reason is still losing himself over Nami while still supposedly marrying this 15 year old girl, somehow Chopper is relevant. This arc is a train wreck.

    Golem Hearts - Noah getting beaten up even further. Nyx getting absorbed. Erebus getting pushed around. Shit. I'd like the series to have Noah going on adventures with various people and pretty much being this utility fighter who's mission success is 100% dependent on whoever he goes on missions with and how they work together. They're gonna need it to take down this golem at least since the dude is otherwise gonna skewer them all. Noah and Erebus team up next chapter though.

    Seven Deadly Sins - More chatter between the cast that seems mostly pointless. I find the fact they were glaring at someone for asking about the 4th Arch angel is really fucking stupid. If you constantly say "We're the three of the four arch angels!" and then just leave the 4th completely quiet then get mad when someone raises the question than you're a bitch. It's like saying you have 4 flavors of ice cream, say three, then get angry when someone realizes "Oh, there's supposed to be one more, I should ask since it could matter".

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