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    I just don't feel anything for whats happening anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispinianus View Post
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    Are you really under the impression that Oda won’t butcher Kaido’s operations? He barely made Doflamingo’s business believable. One Piece has never really had political intrigue.
    Kind of confused as to your question since I already covered what I think. How do you butcher what I envision as a very simple rule through fear and intimidation type setup??

    Unlike BM I doubt he'll imply Kaidou's fleet is some extensive professional network. BM was introduced as the more business minded and professional Yonkou. Kadiou will just be on his babarian shit. Give us what we want or we'll definitely burn your house down and even if you do we probably still will kind of system. Simple ruling through fear style empire with King&Queen probably calling the shots in the day to day activity while their boss cries, drinks, and attempts suicide.

    Doffy was believable enough. He's a former world noble with privy information so the WG turned a blind eye to a lot of what he had going and also because of a few other perks through him. He was also weak enough that they could have gotten rid of him whenever they truly wanted too. Only unbelievable part that Oda handwaved where Riku was for 10 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luffee View Post
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    Akainu has flawed of view justice. Most villains have flawed views of their morals and motivations. That in of itself doesn’t make the character dumb. Streusen tagged up with her when she was very young. He’s not holding her hand like a kid anymore. Like Ascot mentioned, she plans marriages with the view of increasing her crew strength and is well versed in how one piece politics work and how she can use that to get more power. She plots assassinations and is generally showed to be pretty cold and calculating in when sober.
    I ask again, how did this all get started? What had Oda shown you that makes it believable she could create this large organization. I'm seeing a lot of rationlization but no explanations.

    Now the problem here is that for example the vinsmoke assassination plot I thought was pretty stupid how it was carried out. But it was stupid not because Oda intends BM to be stupid but rather his own writing is so bad that it makes BM and most of her crew look more dumb than they actually are. The lack of anyone impressive at the tea party is again not meant to show she lacks connections intentionally on Oda’s part. But rather Oda couldn’t think for the life of him, someone more exceptional than a news tycoon etc..
    So I ask again where is it shown that she is someone with connections? I'm not really sure what you're trying to say. Oda doesn't make it believable she could run a large organization. When he has his chance you say he just couldn't think of how to do so. So if he couldn't why are you filling in the blanks for him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascot View Post
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    You forgetting the party was meant to be a trap to assassinate the vinsmokes, why would she show that to potential allies?
    She invited a News guys so clearly the word of their assassination was likely to get out and why wouldn't big player allies be down with her plans? Only people that obviously would not be down would be potential husbands unless they were the extremely arrogant "it could never happen to me", types.

    So do you really think she has bigger allies that she just didn't bother to invite for pragmatic reasons? You think Oda actually intends for you to think that? Right now it just seems more lack of planning on Oda's part. This shows as we were told the tea part was originally supposed to start 4 days or so after FI and instead it starts over a month later.
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    Chapter was okay. 3/5.

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    What do you see happening in the next chapter?

    I don't know what to expect but hoping for good pace atleast.

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    Where is the spoiler thread
    Fear me, for I am Meng Hao


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    Quote Originally Posted by Meng Hao View Post
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    Where is the spoiler thread
    There won't be a chapter this week I heard.

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    i am hoping for more katakuri action next chapter

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