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    Is there a reason why Rak keeps going in and out of the story?

    Of the main three, Rak's place in the story is not consistent, what do you guys think about this? Is he being taken out of arcs because he's relegated to playing comedy relief and the arc needs more seriousness?

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    I feel like the author doesn't know what to do with him anymore. Rak is a mix of comedy and seriousness, not sure if I like it.

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    I think there is a reason, the last chapter showed a wall with a scuptulre of him so maybeeeeee he is related to Zahard or someone strong.
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    He'd make their climb up the tower too easy if he was around the entire time. He'd also overshadow all the other regulars.

    He's also the progeny of Molic One P. GR the strongest person in the Tower before the 10 warriors took over. His dad stopped saying he is a Wrakwraiser when he took his position of Lord.

    In all seriousness Rak and Agero are Bam's right and Left hands so they'll be around the entire series. Agero is the smart one with a goal so we need to see him develop as Bamm's top adviser and see his story unfold. Rak is just headstrong muscle and the most morally stable and straight forward(kinda like Gon outside of Pitou/Kite events). The group's rock when situations get too intense for everyone else.

    Rak will probably get a lot more shine on the higher tier floors when it's more action and the story is moving forward instead of world and lore building like it is now.

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