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    it being genetic may not make sense at first because that goes against the procreation of the species, but homosexuality is observed in all animals so some think it could be a form of genetic population control.

    nevertheless, it has been proven that it's not by choice or environment.
    That's not what I was referring to when I said it being genetic doesn't make sense. By that angle, it being genetic makes perfect sense because we see genetic mutations that aren't beneficial occur all the time.

    The reason I say that it being genetic doesn't make sense is because sexuality in general doesn't seem to be determined by a person's genes. At best genetics is an influencing factor.

    There has been no research that tells us sexuality isn't environmental. Quite the opposite, there is a decent amount of evidence that it is at least partially environmental. For example, the fact that a good number of homosexuals actually revert back to heterosexuality later in their lives.

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    Okay, this is all, in my opinion.

    It is a choice...based on the environment. It is not genetics, because sexuality comes out during puberty. You are not born being sexually attracted to anyone. You're born not knowing, or being anything. It is interesting to note that once homosexuality started being portrayed openly in society, and has become accepted, that more and more people, particularly celebrities have come out as gay. Hmm , do these have a connection?

    I do not think that kids saying that they are gay are to be taken seriously. They are kids; they just copy what they see from adults. They are not critically thinking or being self-aware/introspective of what they are doing, due to their age.

    Again, this is all just in my opinion.

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