If you've seen these, or even if you haven't, they're those threads here and on indigo plateau where 1 member plays the game through, keeping a diary of events in the thread, detailing events and specifics as he plays the game!

We've had few Xcom play throughs, Darkest dungeon, Pokemon nuzlockes and few others!

Here's a tutorial to get you interested in maybe trying it ?


- Pick a game that's Turnbased for ease of recording.

That is the best, most suitable form of a game to do in this format. You can take your time setting up the scene in your own style.

- Learn the hotkey for screenshots

You're going to use it a lot. Without it you can't use those pictures to tell the tale!

Additionally, choose a hotkey you feel comfortable using at all times!

Default Screenshot hotkey for Xcom was F12, which meant I had to press fn + F12 each time I wanted to take one. I changed it to "0". Be sure to pick a button that doesn't interfere with the gaming experience.

- Learn where the screenshots go.

Using steam, if you take screenshots in-game, it will show you in a small window your screenshots after that session.

Be sure to check the path leading up to the screenshots for finding them on your PC's database!

Those pictures have the option "show on disk"

That leads you to a file, usually hidden behind a series of files with number-coded names.. Not really a fun thing to memorize.

So again, learn where they go and for ease of access rename those files!

Tip 1: in imgur, once you've navigated to the right file, it remembers it from your PC, and next time already shows that file opened next time you use it! Hence why I choose to use imgur to upload my screenshots.

But it goes away if you upload from another file, of course.

What and when to screenshot.

I'm just saying my own preference, for context, I'll use the Xcom play through.

Turn based games have a lot of uneventful moments inbetween everything worth recording.

Remember that each moment you see, is only shown if you take a picture/screenshot of it.

Therefore, to avoid taking excessive amount, try forming a narrative from the pictures so you can fill in the blanks later. Take few establishing shots, then start and climax of each event, with your own choice of inbetweens, to tell the highlights of the event!

I move 4 different characters each mission. If I'd record all of them, each turn, it would be a nightmare.

1 character: Turn start, movement, action, result.

That's 4 pictures, just from one-fourth of a turn.

That means it'd be 16 or more each turn, which really is unnecessary!

But, if you are playing a single character, those 4 are safe to screenshot. They form a solid narrative of progression.

Action and the result. That's the key.

Tip 2: don't record grinding. It is going to get boring. Use words to explain how inbetween you did it, before showing the juicy details!


Use Imgur.

It's the most easiest to use.

But take note of these few things.

1) after finding the album with your screenshots, highlight 4, 7 at most in one go, and send them there.

Why? Because Imgur has a habit of rearranging pictures. With less you've sent in one batch, easier it is to notice.

Usually those pictures are titled "1056478201712" for example. Renaming then each time is a waste of time. They're in chronological order in your files.

2) upload a mission/session at a time. That's usually 40 to 50 pictures for me.

3) post a mission/session one at a time in here. No one wants to edit and write 4 missions into a one post, then read the post later.

4) seperate the session into parts.

E.g, the start, the highlights, the aftermath.

To get others into it or give it a special touch, rename everything possible with TMF-related names!

This city you're building? Now it's Temeffia. That pokemon? It's name is GP.

They're more invested like you are to see a character named after them do good.

Additional tips.

Permadeath brings the fun. Always raise the stakes.

TMF resizes every pic you sent here to fit the mold. Don't manually resize them. They only look huge in editing your post.

Uncheck attachments.

Hope this helped!