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    Eh im still moderately excited

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    My most optimistic expectations for the arc which are hopefully going to turn out to be true.

    We will finally get too see amazing fights from all the straw hats where they go all out with a bunch of cool moments and character development. Allies will help but that's just a positive so they can also receive awesome moments and character development.

    Kaido's crew is going to be awesome. Kaido himself will be a true boss, the calamities exciting and hype and we get lots of other nice characters in the crew. Oda will not do any holding back, they show why they are a yonko crew from the start. If you think Jack was awesome just wait until you see the other two calamities.

    Dressrosa was just to finish up the first new world saga and Whole Cake was just a arc Oda needed before the yonko saga really starts climaxing. This is where shit will get real. This is where a lot of the hype shit we have been waiting for will go down. We will face a yonko without needing any plot bullshit and thus tension is going to be at a all time high. Prepare for our heroes to really struggle against Kaido and co.

    We got the great war with Kaido and a lot of other interesting and hype stuff are bound to happen. Goda will handle it perfectly, give all the interesting stuff the time it needs and have the plots in the arc all be solid.

    Pacing is going to be great like in W7/EL and Alabasta. No more running or needless dragging out.

    The final fight with Kaido is going to be the most hype and exciting fight in OP yet. It will surpass even Luffy VS Lucci. And it will end perfectly with Kaido showing why he is god by sending all those losers back to paradise.

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    Low to be honest. Kaido is such an imposing figure and Oda is hyping him to max, but given how bad One Piece fights have become (they were never great but the time skip fights are just embarrassing) and how Oda is treating BM I wouldn't be surprised if Kaido and his crew get clowned in Wano.

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