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    Faster Than Light s-CRY-ed top tiers?

    When it comes to a debate involving s-CRY-ed top tiers, such as Kazuma Torisuna or Ryuho Ryu, the topic of speed is usually where things get a bit tricky, because there aren't too many noteworthy speed feats in the s-CRY-ed manga. However, there is one particular feat that gets brought up every now and again, that could place the s-CRY-ed top tiers at relativistic+, maybe even FTL, and that feat is Kazuma seemingly reacting to a light-based attack [spoiler]

    Going by the scans above, we know three things; first, the attack is confirmed to utilize natural light (sunlight) by Aono himself. Second, we know that Kazuma did not turn his arm into a mirrior-shield, or even put up a defense, before Aono fired his blast of light. And third, though he might appear to simply tank the attack and counter, he has absolutely no burns or wounds on his body to speak of, and though Kazuma may have regeneration, it isn't that fast acting, so we know he sustained no injuries from the attack.

    With all of that info in mind, even if it were a theoretical calc, one would simply need to gauge how far away Aono is from Kazuma, to make an estimate for how quickly Kazuma would have needed to react. If anyone is as interested in the results as I am, feel free to try calcing the feat and posting the results below.  15.1

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    Well, on the last scan you can actually see the light hitting kazuma and the ground, so it's pretty much impossible to tell. If you really deflected the light beam, then his reactions are at least relativistic. Though, there's not much of an evidence of a higher speed.

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    To be fair, Kazuma gets two or three more major power-ups after that feat, so FTL s-CRY-ed characters may not be out of the realm of possibility.  15.1

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