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    80's Songs Quarterfinals 8

    Which one shall advance to Semi-Finals?

    This Time, No Poll

    You Vote by posting your Choice by clear indications of it.

    Officially to make sure I'm not mistaken you can [Song Name]

    That isn't required though.

    WHAT IS required is a reason and the name of the song you picked must be recognized from your post. You can change your Vote by making a new post if you wish. @Makenzye; @X; @Jörmungandr; @Hoe; @Loki; @Great Potato; @Zentos; @Perun; @Ink Spot; @Aether; @Ichiryuu; @Nikamara; @Ouzen; @Rax, The Spooky Hero; @Aliasniamor;

    VOTING PERIOD is 24 Hours From this post.

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    [Another One Bites the Dust]

    because I can't resist a great bass line
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    [Another One Bites the Dust]

    Simplistic yet effective. The beat and the solo vocal just captured me.

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    I am a Bon Jovi fan and this is one of my favorite songs so I am giving this to him.

    [Livin' On A Prayer]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikamara View Post
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    [Another One Bites the Dust]

    because I can't resist a great bass line
    this [Another one bites the dust]

    the way Freddie sings it too, such a naughty boy
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    [Livin' On A Prayer]

    I love Bon Jovi and this is another classic by them.

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    [Another One Bites the Dust]

    Queen fan, love the rocking live performance of this song by Freddie at wembley.

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    Both classics,but I have to go with [Another One Bites the Dust]

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