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    Learn today or Die tomorrow, an original story

    ello people

    i am currently writing a story that i would like to adapt into a visual novel or a comic. as this is the source material, i aim to build a following for the project. i would rate this R+ as it will get violent and naughty at times but nothing like 50 shades of grey naughty.

    The Long Day part 1

    Donovan remembered the old martial arts movies, where the students trained under some shrivelled up old fart in a nice and clean white gi, usually in some well furnished building. He had long learned that real life was not like the movies. Instead of a clean and respectable looking dojo, he, the two suckers who came with him, and the squad of guards that flanked them, walked into some giant rundown temple, made of dirty grey stone. It was the biggest building he had ever seen; several tiers of balconies rose to the high ceiling, packed to the brim with students of various ages, all of them wearing street clothes of varying styles, and all of them eyed the newbies like fresh meat off the grill. The moment they got far enough away from the entrance, they roared like predators in the jungle, lit toilet paper rolls on fire, and then they flew through the air like shooting stars.With a symphony of clanking, the guards formed into a circle around them with almost blinding speed. Their spears flashed like striking cobras and tore whatever rolls they could hit to pieces, while their heavy shields blocked the rest. So far, not one of the rolls got through their formation. The only one that almost got through, and would have hit Donovan’s head, was blocked by the closest guard’s shield. It burst in a cloud of sparks and for a moment bathed the guard’s snarling fanged ape-like helmet in an eerie light.
    So far,it was shaping up to be a normal school greeting typical of this particular temple. And Donovan was not impressed.

    The other two weren’t taking it as well. The innocent youngish looking one was already crying buckets. Thankfully, he wasn’t wailing or screaming he wanted to go home, but the tears were flowing fast and furious. As for the third member, he was sort of in the middle between Donovan and the kid’s behaviour. He tried to keep a cool, calm, collected expression on his dark skinned face, but still eyed every paper projectile warily. At least he wasn’t crying, which Donovan was almost grateful for. But he still had a feeling that the three of them were going to be stuck together for some time…Donovan could see it now. The Students would forever whisper tales of Rorion Flor' Fighting school's Legendary ThreeStooges. It was a classic joke in the making.
    “Oi, asshole!” called a fat pig with so many tattoos, Donovan wondered if he sweat ink. “Give that prick right there my love letter!”
    He hurled a paper airplane and the guard caught it. “Well done!” the guard shouted back.“You learned how to make paper airplanes! He can be taught everyone!”
    The onlooking students howled with laughter. To his credit, the pig didn’t splutter or blush, he was too busy eyeing Donovan as he was handed the letter. Donovan didn’t bother reading it, but he made a show of pretending that he was. “Wow!”Donovan yelled at the pig. “Tell your sister thanks for the offer, but I’m a one night only kind of guy!”
    His eardrums nearly burst as the students’ laughter echoed off the walls. The pig locked his gaze on Donovan’s, murder in his bloodshot eyes. Once again, Donovan wasn’t impressed.

    the long day part 2
    In an office much unlike the rest of the dojo, with its wood furnishing, exotic animal rugs, comfortable chairs, a marble fireplace, and a heavy wooden desk, Rorion Flor watched as his elf secretary, Aredhelle, walked into his office. The elf with her striking purple hair, beauty mark, and curvy figure in her purple suit and short skirt turned all the students’ heads when she walked by, but so far no one had been stupid enough to try anything rash with her. Her beauty was lost on him though; between the two of them, it was strictly a business relationship and nothing more.
    “Aredhelle,” he greeted her cheerfully. “Care to have a drink with me?”
    She paused a moment, but then shook her head and straightened her spectacles. “Too early in the day, Master Flor. But thank you for the offer.”
    Rorion shrugged. He took the bottle of champagne off his desk, held it over a tray, and popped the cork. It bounced off the stone ceiling and landed expertly in the trash can in the corner. Careful not to get the bottle’s gushing contents on him, his suit, or the rest of his desk, Rorion poured it into a delicate glass. Then he wiped his hands on a napkin, smiled broadly at Aredhelle as he raised the glass, and took a long sip.
    Aredhelle felt disturbed as she took a seat in front of the desk. Her boss looked like he had just won the lottery. She had never seen him look this happy before, and on his grizzled square jawed face, happy didn’t look natural. “Is everything alright, sir?” she asked tentatively.
    Rorion dabbed at his greying black moustache with a new napkin. “Oh, everything is fine, my son donovan just made his induction into our school. Expect he’ll be dead before long, luckily for me.”
    The elf’s jaw fell open.
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