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    I get what you mean, most of what you wrote make sense. However the fact is most of all of these things that you take offense with, is going to be part of most Shonen series. Coo used as you suggested would render most of the plot related things Oda want's to do redundant.
    OP used to not be like this. It used to subvert a lot of tropes.

    Why set it up with Coby, Manta, and Rayleigh then? Obviously that's what is happening. That is whats stupid. The scenes aren't particularly memorable or amazing. It's all just awkward and contrived with how selective CoO usage is.
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    Haki is legit stupid in my opinion

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    Big Mom is ruining OP.

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    Damn. Doesn't look good in the slightest. Don't see why Oda would go that route. It's not like Luffy has to beat a major player every arc. The Fanservice has to stop. It makes zero sense to give Luffy some kind of random powerup right now especially against Katakuri. Even if he gets tougher every battle. He wasn't able to beat Cracker a day ago and shouldn't be able to beat Katakuri at all. At least let Luffy have a rematch with Cracker and show his observation skills there since Crackers durability is shit anyways.

    Luffy should not be able to beat him this arc. Even if he can somehow keep up with him for some bullshit reason Katakuri should have something in his arsenal to beat G4 and shouldn't go down after tanking more G4 attacks either. I don't like the sound of this at all and just want Oda to get over with this.

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    This doesn't look good.

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    cp for new chapter

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    those colors are gorgeous
    as always.
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