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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlotte Pedospedo View Post
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    Imagine the salt and denial when Wano ends and Mihawk didnt get a single honorable mention.
    Yeah salt and deniable will be real

    by then we will have at least 2 or 3 Yonks fallen, if not all of them

    and still Mihawk won't have even revealed a fraction of his true power, being saved for EOS

    the Yonk wankers will be salty tears for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayum View Post
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    King will be a Swordsman. Wano might see a return of Fuji or we finally see Green Bull. Law will learn swordsmanship to not rely so much on his fruit. Obviously the Shogun, 1-2 of his underlings, Vista, and Zoro.

    Naruto feat doesn't even make any sense. Vertical looking wave and somehow the mountain tops are cut horizontally. Hated random power creep in that series.
    @Bold: Glad someone said it. The anime tried to make sense of it by having two motions. Vertical ground cleave and the horizontal slash.

    I'm hoping the Wano Shogun is powerful enough to fight the calamities. Narrative wise he's the leader of the swordsmen nation. I'll take it if he can somehow be superior to swordsmen like Smoothie, Cracker, Jack. We'll also have all the unique swordsmen in OP here. Flower Sword (Vista). Lightning (Mcguy). Fox Fire (Kinemmon). I hope it alludes to Of The Rain (Shiryuu) and Of The Wind (Jigoro). Lastly if its revealed what curse Law's sword has and if Cavendish (Hakuba) is Durandal at work. Brooke should also get a nice bump.

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