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    Is Gendry Lord Baratheon EoS?

    The great House Baratheon was all-most extinguished during the war, only Gendry and Edric Storm survived. Maybe some other bastards we don't know of.

    Do you think that Gendry will end up getting legitimized by EoS King as the Heir of the House Baratheon of Storm's End?

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    Honestly, it's the only reason I can see why he is still alive. Probably him and Arya get together in the end, finally combining Barratheon and Stark like Robert wanted.

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    In the show I can see it, he's getting buddy buddy with Jon which could lead to being legitimized in the future. In the books, it's more complicated. There are better candidates like Edric Storm, who actually has a noble education.

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