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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliasniamor View Post
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    Not to mention, Ouhon actually thought the way Mouten advised him to in order to achieve what he's done this chapter, so it makes it look like Ouhon is Mouten's student somewhat
    I was thinking the same. Ouhon better show his gratitude after this

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    ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ Saki's Avatar
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    I didn't like that time stopped for everyone else while Ouhon made his escape but the idea was nice. Qin really needs this pincer if they plan to atleast even things out on the third day... Now is a great time to weigh Bananji's (and even Chougaryou's) worth. Imagine Bananji slaying Akou and imagine what Ousen would do to Ouhon in return

    p.s Shin remains in the dark and far behind his colleagues. But in every previous gathering Shin stole the show by leaps and bounds. I find this turnout refreshing to be honest.

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    I like that we're seeing the new gen shine in this war, but not if it's at the expense of Ousen's own vassals being trashed to make that happen. Pretty much all of the main Generals who have led their own arc have had a memorable and solid army to work with and it would be a shame if Ousen's right hand gets killed off just to make Ouhon look better for surviving the situation, Ousen's going to be a recurring character and he's painted as a dangerous man with a dark ambition so I'd like to see them keep the esteem and credibility of his army going strong rather than use them as hype tools. Killing Akou here would just strike me as a very lazy repeat of what happened the previous day with Makou, its also three against one on that side so its not like they can't both have their opportunity to shine here.

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    here tokay
    Would have been freakin' funny if Ouhon would have taken position at his (not so) speeding unit's rear going towards Akou's reinforcements only to turn around with his pals and take out Chougaryuu. On the other hand, too much of the old days or t-n-j.

    Still Ouhon, you had Zhao cavalry at your back the whole time - they should smash right into your 600 men rear before Akou's left flank reaches you

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    Have to wonder what Daddy Ousen will think of his son now, tbh.

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    previously Kyte Dr.MeMeStEr#99's Avatar
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    Great chapter.
    Though, I wouldn't like if it drilled to the point where the lil commander made of stepping stone out of Ousen army's deterioration in this war to climb their ways.

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    Huge fan of new gen getting better. Now just want a shin instinct feat and I'm happy

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    Overall a good chapter.

    I'm curious as to what Shin's claim to fame during this battle will be. I hope it's more than just taking a head.

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