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    Souma versus Eizan

    The Souma that took down Eizan in that chicken shokugeki versus current Eizan that just lost to Takumi. Same theme and same circumstances, who wins?

    Given that Eizan tries to sabotage Souma's dish by going first with a similar ingredient like the artichoke he used against Takumi, would Souma see through it and win or would he lose?

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    no one?

    personally, plot aside I think Souma would lose

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    I'm not sure. Souma is adaptable and intuitive for sure which allowed him to overcome Mimasaka, but I'm not sure he thinks about the chemical properties of the foods to such a level that would force Eizan to play to his favor. I'd favor Eizan here because the author made it a point to mention he didn't go all out in that first Shokugeki against Souma as part of the reason he lost, so I think that could have made the difference.

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    against Mimasaka, he had help from Nikumi and Takumi's prior loss to help him prep, I'm not sure Souma would really give attention to Eizan as much as Takumi did here, especially with just one night of prep. not to mention he doesn't have a massive chip on his shoulder like Takumi did. his improv skills are up there though, but like you said, I don't think he would be knowledgeable enough in chemical properties to fully pounce on it

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    Soma's creativity is getting him the win, look at soma vs copycat.

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