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    Quote Originally Posted by DreXel. View Post
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    Break next week
    Since 536 spoilers were posted last week (23-10), isn't this break this week?

    We should get a spoiler next weekend or monday anyway right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascot View Post
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    Since 536 spoilers were posted last week (23-10), isn't this break this week?

    We should get a spoiler next weekend or monday anyway right?
    aha i see...

    So more like this chapter was already late to start with...

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    Yeah, the translation took too long this time

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreXel. View Post
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    aha i see...

    So more like this chapter was already late to start with...

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantbiceps View Post
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    this emote and always leave me laughing. but yeah the delay was a blessing in disguise. it created the impression that we are not having a break. i dont know, should i start delaying my reading dates on purpose

    anyways, @woikurus; earlier pointed out that the mangoku scene didn't equate to shins gg moment but a sudden instinctual enlightenment, initially i agreed, but after pondering a bit i am inclined to think that that specific instinctual glimpse = gg moment. reason being, for ouhon and mouten, their moment come as a sudden understanding of overall battle strategy and ability to remove themselves in a quagmire amidst the strategy the enemy has employed. but for shin, he has instinctual talent (and hopefully Hara will potray it for all to see this time) and his gg moment will only be displayed when he gets a sudden instinctual enlightenment thereby making a move equivalent to what he did when countering mangoku. another route the author might take just as some of us have mentioned before is to stimulate a rise of morale equivalent to what yotanwa did (50/50 chance happening) that will make qin army fight like beasts thereby making great change in battle tide in qins favor.
    i highly doubt that strength alone and killing a commandef will secure him a position as a great general. and if it does, then tou's words about a general will be for naught
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    What great panel
    I love this one too
    I like to see riboku beyond this "greatest GH and plot twister God"

    And what's up with this James gakueifield

    Great chapter, chougaryu certainly have an sharp eye.What might have been the strategy that O'Hon saw?

    Will Akou survive at this bananji clash?

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    I dont see CHGR precipitate as you say. I found your strategy, and his troop management very well executed.

    it's natural that when your plan is working you think "oh yeah it's working, let's get going" it is not necessarily precipitation.
    CHGR was able to see how much Ouhon is crucial to the right wing, I doubt he will underestimate it

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    Dai Don Dedede's Avatar
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    Well well I just reread the whole Coalition Arc because you mentionned the Sai militia for nothing because it was in reference to the crowning ceremony
    Saved up panels and everything to argue too

    Anyway, answering that part first.
    Here is where Shin encounters the militia which was not suddenly roused up but prepared in advance by Sei and already with very high morale (which makes sense considering their previous interactions with the king)
    The subjugation army actually being led by bonafide generals
    I believe that this is what you must have been referring to, indeed he is the one who spoke up, but come on rilling up soldiers by telling them that Sei's children are about to get killed is not the same as being able to raise the morale of random peasants, and yes I do believe that pretty much anyone with the same history with the militia would've been able to replicate the feat in this case to answer your question about whether Gaimou would be able to do it. They fought in a battle to save their country together before, and they have an incredibly strong loyalty to Sei and they were already fighting hard, heck Bihei could have rallied them in this case.

    And end of the chase:
    At no point do the Sai militia look up to Shin to find leadership, at no point does he manage to raise their morale or reform them in a tough situation (he didn't have to though, nothing to hold against him here but I do believe you overstated his achievements here) and you can see that there's nothing special in being able to follow Hanroki in this chapter either.

    Overall, Shin did nothing wrong in this arc, he reacted quickly and once again managed to pull through thanks to his strength, but he clearly didn't perform anything at the level of what you were suggesting.

    As for Reiou, I don't see how this is comparable to what Duke Hyou did:

    Duke Hyou noticed small clouds of dust far off in the middle of battle and deduced Riboku's plan and took timely action. Shin can even see the Wei horsemen fleeing from the HQ here, and decides to go after them. His merit here is not having been daring enough to follow them but that's all. And since everything was set up thanks to Ouhon's plan I still maintain that while he had a good achievement here it clearly doesn't bring anything to the table as far as his qualities as a general are concerned compared to his two rivals.

    For Keisha I should indeed have nuanced it a bit more. Shin made a good call to go after him (though he happened to notice him just as with Reiou) and there is his morale rousing which was very impressive here and even managed to touch Naki
    My point was that him taking out Keisha can in no way be equalled to him being at a level where he could deal with him. He caught Keisha in a very vulnerable state which was set up by Kanki's plan and capitalized on it, that's a strong feat for him, but it is being used in a wrong way in the discussions comparing him to Ouhon and Mouten because being able to pursue a fleeing and exposed general is in no way comparable to what Ouhon did at Chouyou or what Mouten did right here (and I would argue also at Sanyou)
    That being said, seeing more of Shin like he was when he asked Ten to amend her initial strategy would be plenty for me right now.

    By the way, referring to what you said about Mouten's unit I'd say it's baseless: first they may have proven to be a better asset early on and thus not used as bait by Kanki, second it was said multiple times before that Gyou Hou and Gaku Ka were stronger than Hi Shin Unit (worse infantry but much better cavalry), and third they'd actually have had a strategist better than Ryuutou on the field to deal with the situation.
    Also, Shin inspiring Duke Hyou's remaining soldiers to join him? Don't you think that receiving the Duke's shield as legacy helped him a tiny bit with that? Shin is a strong leader with troops that he regularly fights with and he built strong ties with his unit, but I'd like to see him actually managing to unite a mixed crowd of soldiers, take command of people who are not emotionally bound to him in some way, and also be able to deal with the fact that not all soldiers are on par with his level of stamina. It was brought up before but Shin often fails to take into account the limitations of soldiers around him (re reading the coalition arc it was all the more obvious, everyone would've died if not for Heki punching Shin in the face after Duke Hyou got defeated by Houken) but when he's a general he won't be leading only his unit of crack troops. Mouten and Ouhon showed they were able to devise plans taking into account other units.

    Ascot, if you would be so kind as to try to flesh out your point of view beyond "I agree with whatever Kani says" and "I disagree" I'd be glad to try to explain what I meant for the Rinko part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felixng2015 View Post
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    Reiou was literally a complete fluke/dumb luck. I give Shin 0 credit for that.
    It was a fluke/dumb luck because he didn't realize he killed a Great General, but what wasn't a fluke or dumb luck was that he knew Wei's HQ had just been destroyed, was in the middle of enemies, saw a small detachment making a dust cloud when sneaking off, and instinctually felt it was important enough to leave his men in that situation and/or forget about continuing their charge to the Wei HQ.

    Shin spotting that dust cloud in the exact same way that Duke Hyou spotting the dust cloud an arc before can not be a coincidence.

    It would have been nice for Shin to storm in there, instinctually realize somehow just which was GHM and slay him instead, but Shin was only a 3-4k commander at the time. Naturally he can't do what Duke might have been able to - it was the next step of growth for him. Step 2 of about however many, of which will come in the next 15-20 years.

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    Cheif of Wisdom Amol's Avatar
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    Finally read the chapter. Boy i am not properly following dates of chapter release.
    Anyway it was a good chapter. It is nice to see someone as arrogant as Ouhon remembering Mouten's words. But then again it is Shin whom he completely dismisses.
    This side of Zhao seems dunno more..... competent i guess. They surely gives more vibe of threat than Kisui atleast. I don't want Ouhon to kill any of them yet. Him successfully turning situation around all by himself is more than enough for me. I want Zhao to continue have some quality Generals.
    As far as Shin goes .. well does Hara really needed to show Shin being salty at Mouten's promotion? Can't he be a bro and be happy for him? No Hara must have Shin sweating at most nonsensical thing . Hara is really not good writer when it comes to characterisation. And far as Shin's achievements go I only recognise what he did against Mangoku. That was actual accomplishment worthy of someone who wants to be a GG. Shin doesn't get credit for Sai sorry. That was all Sei. Sei kept people fighting not Shin. Sure Shin fought admirably and i commend him for that but leadership thing was obviously done by Sei.
    Like many time i have stated I don't care about so called achievements where Shin gets head of the enemy commander. When he took head of Rinko I was far more impressed with Mouten for coming with plan in the first place. That was just Shin hogging Mouten's achievement . Only way Shin is going to have my respect if he starts doing more than just take heads. He needs to act like a General not a brute. Sad thing is that is exactly what is going to happen in this arc. Hara is predictable that way. Shin will have 'great achievement' by taking someone's head(following Ousen or Ten's plan of course). He is not actually going to act as if he understands warfare like a proper General. And don't give me bullshit about instinctual General. Duke and Keisha understood war perfectly fine. Hell Moube understands it and he is supposed to be posterboy of brute force. All Shin knows is how to kill someone and once a while how to lead a charge. That's it. Lets hope Hara proves me wrong and makes Shin do more than just duel when time of center army comes.

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    here tokay
    I can't wait for the moment Ouhon just destroys Gakuei like this

    Give me the "mediocre opponents"-line 2.0.
    Please make it happen Hara, no stupid miracle of Gakuei surviving this.

    Snake guy can't die now, he has to prove his HK-like worth. Bananji should just rule/slay Akou

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