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    Servants vs Heracles

    S1: Saber vs Heracles
    S2: Iskander vs Heracles
    S3: Karna vs Heracles
    S4: Vlad III vs Heracles
    S5: EMIYA&Cu Chulainn&Diamurd O'Dyna vs Heracles

    Who wins in these matchups?

    一百万年白日梦冰蚕(1,000,000 Years Daydream Ice Silkworm)
    四十万年冰玉皇帝蝎子(400,000 Years Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion Hyotei)
    七十万年冰天堂雪女雪雪皇帝(700,000 Years Ice Heavenly Snow Woman 'Snow Emperor' Xue Nu)

    十万年八角神秘冰厂(100,000 Years Octagonal Mysterious Ice Plant)
    三十万年冰熊国王小白(300,000 Years Ice Bear King Xiao Bai)
    十万年海美人公主李雅(100,000 Years Sea Mermaid Princess Li Ya)
    七十万年恶魔皇帝(700,000 Years Evil Eye Tyrant Emperor)

    Limit Individual, 'The strength to move unhindered throughout the world'

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    Servant team

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    Haracles wins against base Vlad, looses against Dracula
    Probably the team

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