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  • 1-A's trio

    2 16.67%
  • For I have come

    7 58.33%
  • Pro Heroes

    5 41.67%
  • My bad

    4 33.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    BnHA Panel Tournament - round 5

    @Zentos; @Elux; @Jacob; @Makenzye; @DoflaMihawk; @Femto; @Az;

    Thread will be closed on Thursday, around midnight.

    Remember that you can vote for multiple panels.

    1-A's trio

    For I have come

    Pro Heroes

    My bad

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    Mmmm. Beeeer. Zentos's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    "For I have come" not having every vote on the forum.

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    "For I have come" is the best MHA panel I guess

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    Nekochako's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Going for trio panel.

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    Hold for applause (◡‿◡✿) Nikamara's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Bar Eden Hall
    For I have come

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    what the hell is with the guy in the below corner of the "For I have come" panel

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    Time's up. The winners are For I have come and Pro Heroes. These two panels advance to the next round.

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