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    Calculation Standards

    Since -for some reason- we don't have a thread for this, guess this is kind of overdo.


    • Anything that would result in a higher yield must be proven (ex. Vaporization)
    • Low Ends get the benefit of the doubt.
    • You can't calculate speed from another - leads to massive inflation.
    • KE and anything sub-relativistic and up aren't friends.
    • No KE from assumed timeframes, ever.
    • PE is more reliable than KE.
    • You cannot use superhuman values as standards - leads to inflation.
    • Assumed timeframes are 60 seconds at minimum if it is clearly below a minute, rest are up and case by case - rare exceptions possible
    • If you pixelscale - the less panels the better.
    • Cloud Splitting is only valid if it happens due to force being acted upon them. Hax isn't.
    • NTF out of orbit is not applicable
    • If there is no exact size of something avaiable, ex: size of a character, use averages.
    • etc.

    Note: This is extremely rough, is missing alot, some of it obvious and honestly just a thread to get this started at all, everything that needs to be added goes here:
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