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Thread: Saito vs Momo

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    Saito vs Momo

    What do you think the results for these rounds will be?

    Neutral Dish



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    Neutral- They should be fairly close but Momo gets benefit of the doubt, I see her pulling through high-diff in a neutral theme.

    Fish- Saito high or mid-diff, he's working in his element here while this theme seems incompatible with Momo's specialty, I'd lean high because Momo is still a great chef that should be able to adapt and handle herself outside of pastries and such but she can't topple Saito in this scenario.

    Vegetables- Momo extreme diff. I feel Saito has a lot more options incorporating vegetables into his theme than the pastry chef, but she could probably whip up a mean carrot cake that manages to narrowly outdo him.

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    Neutral Dish- Momo should pull it out

    Seafood- there's examples of seafood pastries iirc, but anything she makes with them is below what Saito can do with sushi

    Vegetables- I think I'll give it to Momo

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    Neutral Dish - They are on the same level, so it can be hard to decide, but I think Momo would still slightly win(higher seat, even with the new E10 members and she gives a nickname to Saito thus she sees him as inferior). Momo 2-1

    Seafood - Saito's specialty is sushi, which is one of the types of seafood. He is the strongest sushi cook in Totsuki, thus he would definitely win with a clear difference. This theme is in his specialty. I don't mean he will definitely make sushi, he can make any other kind of seafood, which he will still be the leading chef in right now at Totsuki. He will have an overwhelming win in this situation. Saito 3-0

    - This one I am not sure about. Both of these cooks can apply their specialty to the themes, but I am not sure who could win exactly. Whoever wins it will be close. __ 2-1

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