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    Top 5 most expensive servants

    Who are the top 5 most mana expensive servants to summon? This is considering getting everything (or as close as possible) they had in life and/or legend summoned.

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    If I remember correcly Karna was said to have very bad mana consumption, I guess that is the case with a lot of powerful servants.

    Semiramis is also expensive, but less in terms of mana and more in terms of money.

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    Gilgamesh is one.

    That I know.

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    I don't think we have specifics

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    someone on reddit made a claim that Ishtar could be summoned as a rider but to get Gugalanna and her space ship(?), it'd be more expensive than Karna's mana burst and Herc's 12 labors combined

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    Alcides, Ozy, Karna burn stupendous amounts. Gil doesn't eat as much actually since he circumvents it via GoB.

    to add to that, Saber and Jeanne Alter probably eat even more than those due to their nature

    Theoretically speaking Tiamat is summonable but there's noone that could sustain her - hell Grand servants are countermeasures summoned by the world for the beasts her included and the planet itself burns out if it's actively supporting them in combat.
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