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    It's been about 10 months

    How do you feel about the series now? Different, the same?

    Would you still recommend it to someone looking for a battle manga to read?

    Would you say Toriko is still a good/great series even after the rushing?

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    Toriko is still the best pure battle manga to me

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    Nothing has changed, it's still one of the best shonen series.

    Yes, I would recommend it to every battle manga fan.

    Toriko was in my top 5 shonen series during the Cooking Fest. Despite a rushing and unsatisfying ending, I think it's still a great series.

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    One of the best over the top action manga's out there
    Would definetly recommend it to everyone

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    Still one of my favorite manga out there in general and I look forward to buying every English volume that comes out. Looking forward to having a full collection of the series.

    First manga volume in English I ever bought was a Toriko volume too, so it literally started my collection.

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    1st half was best without a doubt

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    First half is great

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    Great battle manga. Pretty lackluster and rushed after the ts sadly.

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    I greatly miss it, sadly I've done barely anything Toriko related after it ended. I should re-read it again sometime soon and the buy english volumes I haven't bought yet.

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