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    230 Spoilers

    Chapter 230: Aim for that win!

    Cover: Tadokoro and Shinomiya.


    Soma: Master Shinomiya!

    Shinomiya: I told you that I’m not your master!

    Soma: Ahh I will introduce to you to my dad. This person is currently my master!

    Jou: Hoooo.

    Shinomiya: (Hm…? I have seen his face somewhere….where was it…?)

    Takumi: W…why is Chef Shinomiya here in Hokkaido?

    Dojima: Hm. Looks like I have surprised you all. I have invited him. You have completed the red-white battle and strengthened your team work skills. But without a doubt, there will be a moment in the regiment de cuisine where your “own” power will be tested. From this point on, we will do a man-to-man training and improve your skills!

    Dojima: For today, Jouichiro will train Soma, and I will train Aldini kun.

    Dojima: And…

    Shinomiya: …Yes. You don’t have any problems, do you?

    Shinomiya: …Hm? I’m telling you that I will directly train you! Got it, Megumi Tadokoro?

    Takumi: The Chef Shinomiya that was awarded the Pluspol award will….!?

    Soma: Master…He’s doing this for us! Even though he has his own restaurant…!

    Shinomiya: Don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s just a random feeling.

    Dojima: …….

    Soma: You’re lucky, Tadokoro! You gotta give your best and follow him!

    Tadokoro: Awawawawawa…

    Takumi: Is…it…!!

    Takumi: Her trauma from that Shokugeki at the training camp is returning to her?

    [Flashback over]

    Urara: Well well well, both sides have the same amount of chefs remaining and move towards the 3rd Bout now! And the theme for each matchup will be decided~~~! Let’s give our attention to the 3rd matchup! Momo senpai vs Megumi Tadokoro’s theme will be?!

    Tadokoro pulls the lottery.

    Urara: …Apple! Right during the most popular season! It’s the king of all fruits in winter, apple!

    Hisako: Apple…!

    Marui: It’s a food that is pretty flexible. Usually, it wouldn’t be too bad but her opponent is the only Pastry chef of the Elite Ten! A perfect theme for her…!

    Yoshino(?): Damn it…If it were vegetables, then Megumi could show her maximum talents!

    Soma: …..

    Momo: Apples…Hey Bucchi, what should I make?

    Momo: A special plate that is so cute…So cute yet powerful enough to defeat my opponent. Let’s give out best and make it ❤

    Momo rips off Bucchi’s hands. But the inside of Bucchi’s hands are empty.

    Tadokoro: ……..!


    Soma, Erina, Takumi, and Jouichiro neglect their own training and look at how Megumi is doing.

    Dojima: Hey…You all should be busy training.

    Jouichiro: Ah? Gin, aren't you worried about Megumi chan?

    Dojima: I obviously am worried but…

    Shinomiya: Ah…Hm…Well…Just show me your skills first! Make a dish for me!

    Tadokoro: Y…yes!

    Tadokoro: Ehm…Ah…ha!

    She accidently turns over the pepper bin.

    Tadokoro: Haaaaaaa! I mistook sugar and salt! (speaks with her dialects) Ahhhhh I burned it!

    Shinomiya: Are you a beginner or what? You were even better during the training camp!

    Tadokoro: I’m so s..s..s..s..s..sorry! I…I’m just nervous…

    Soma: Maybe it was a bad idea to bring Master Shinomiya…

    Takumi: (How can you say that without any hesitation…)

    Shinomiya: Shut up!

    Erina: …Well then! You two should get back to your training! Let’s trust Tadokoro san!

    Few hours later.

    Shinomiya is scratching his head.

    Tadokoro writes the kanji “person” (Hito) on her hands and swallows it. (There is a custom in Japan that this helps you to relax.)

    Soma checks on Tadokoro during his break.

    Dojima: Fu…I didn’t expect it from you, Shinomiya.

    Shinomiya: Ahhn? What are you talking about Dojima san.

    Dojima: I didn’t expect you to help us out so willingly.

    Dojima: I assume…that you too were worried about Tootsuki’s future?

    Shinomiya: Not really…It’s just a random feeling. I don’t really care about the Azami administration.

    Shinomiya: Transform all Japanese restaurants to the “true gourmet”…An impressive idea.

    Shinomiya: My restaurant doesn’t intend to be involved with it nor comply with it.

    Shinomiya: And I don’t really care about the restaurants shutting down that just listen to Central either.

    Shinomiya: (Yes…It was just a random feeling…)

    Shinomiya remembers his days at SHINO’S.

    Shinomiya: (I just thought that the next thing I need to do is to guide someone…When I thought about that…The two faces that appeared in my mind were them (Soma and Tadokoro))

    Shinomiya: Megumi Tadokoro.

    Shinomiya glares at Megumi.

    Tadokoro: ….Hyueee?

    Dojima: …Shinomiya?

    Shinomiya: Guts! If you’re a chef, then show me your guts! When you so afraid even in training, then you won’t even win battles that you could have won! Stop acting like wimp, you hick!

    [The added parts start from here]
    ​Tadokoro recalls her time of her childhood.

    Coach: What’s wrong! You should be better than that! You have to endure my training! Your frustration, sweat, and tears…squash all of that to that one ball!

    Tadokoro: So cool… (speaks with her dialect)

    Megumi loved reading Shojo manga and fell in love with a Table Tennis manga, and that inspired her to start playing table tennis.

    Tadokoro: Yes…! I…won’t lose anymore!

    Tadokoro’s face resembles to the character of the shojo manga.

    Tadokoro: Coach Shinomiya! I won’t show my weakness again! Please continue!

    Shinomiya: A…alright! Let’s make up for the lost time!

    Shinomiya: (Coach?)

    Tadokoro: Yes, coach!

    Takumi: Ohhh…! She seems to have overcome her trauma!

    Erina is relieved.

    Dojima: (Tadokoro kun’s approach to vegetables will truly shine under the influence of a person who also used vegetables to make a name of himself.)

    Dojima: (So you could call those 2 as…The master and student of the Légume! )

    Soma: So I’m like Tadokoro’s senior! Hehe…So I have finally become a senior~!

    Shinomiya: I already told you! I’m not your master!

    Although he got upset, you can see a smile on Shinomiya's face.

    [Flashback over]

    Tadokoro: (Everything I learned from Coach Shinomiya. I will show everything in this fight!)

    Tadokoro: (For the sake of our team’s victory!)

    Takumi: Seems like we can’t lose to Tadokoro san.

    Soma: Yeah-…! We have got to show…that we got her resolve!

    Takumi: Let’s do it, Yukihira!

    Soma: Yeah!!

    The remaining themes are decided too.

    Urara: The first matchup’s theme will be butter, and the second matchup’s theme will be beef!

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    disgusting chapter, why do they keep pushing Megumi with that turd?

    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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    Not going to read the spoilers when it's practically the entire chapter already.

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