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    Toriko to receive Shueisha Jump Remix

    Shueisha JUMP REMIX (集英社ジャンプリミックス Shūeisha Janpu Rimixxu, SJR) is a convenience-store exclusive line of magazines published by Shueisha, featuring issues of early Jump Comics series. Unlike tankōbons, each volume takes the form of a phone-book sized, economical omnibus and includes special features such as original artwork and exclusive information. Shueisha Jump Remix is published under the Shueisha REMIX label, which includes magazines like Shueisha Girl's REMIX and Shueisha HOME REMIX.

    I believe Steel Ball Run (JoJo) also got something like this.

    It's going to be releasing on November 2nd if any of you are interested in buying it.

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    Is it possible to complete the story of Toriko ?

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