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    Avicebron vs Madea

    F/SN Caster vs Caster of Black Fraction. The fight takes place in Romania.

    1. Avicebron has 100 golems prepared.
    2. Avicebron has his Noble Phantasm activated.

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    Scenario 1 can go eitherway, leaning toward Medea.

    Scenario 2 Avicebron stomps, there's nothing Medea can do to GKM.

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    I never remember that the Golem is especially impressive. Shouldn't Medea flight + magic spam pretty much clear them without any difficulty?

    anyway, 1st one should be Medea's, 2nd one is Avicebron

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    Now when I think about it, what would happen if Madea stabbed Golem Kether Malkuth with Rule Breaker?
    From what I know RB can work on more things then just servants.

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