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    Your Premier League Team

    Who would be in your best 11?

    Id go for

    De Gea
    Van Dijk

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    Formation: 4-2-2-2

    Goalkeeper: David De Gea
    Right back: Kyle Walker
    Left back: Danny Rose
    Center back: Shkodran Mustafi
    Center back: Toby Alderweireld
    Defensive midfielder: N'golo Kanté
    Defensive midfielder: Paul Pogba
    Attacking midfielder: Mesut Özil
    Attacking midfielder: Philipe Coutinho
    Striker: Alexis Sanchez
    Striker: Romelu Lukaku

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    Mustafi seems an odd choice, id probably put Koscielny ahead of him even if youre looking at just Arsenal

    Id have Bailey, Luiz, Vertonghen ahead of him just off the top of my head
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    He looks pretty solid to me. Not that there are no other good center backs like you mentioned but I'd personally prefer him. Note that in a 4-2-2-2 the center backs aren't as important as the full backs, who should single handedly provide support from the wings. This formation has two holding midfielders and is based around possesion in the center mostly.

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    Striker: Harry Kane
    Left Wing: Eden Hazard
    Right Wing: Alexis Sanchez
    Left Midfielder: Christian Eriksen
    Right Midfielder: Kevin De Bruyne
    Defensive Midfielder: N'Golo Kante
    Defensive Midfielder: Paul Pogba
    Left Back: Danny Rose
    Center Back: Jan Vertonghen
    Right Back: Kyle Walker
    Goal Keeper: Wayne Shaw
    Lmao, no David de Gea ofc


    Lukaku, Mkhitaryan, Coutinho, Lloris, Mahrez, David Luiz, and Azpilicueta.

    Striker is pretty obvious since it's between Lukaku and Kane, and Kane performed better last year. Same goes for Hazard. I was considering Mahrez over Sanchez, but decided to just go with Sanchez. Eriksen and De Bruyne are obvious choices as well for the left/right midfielders as they both held the most assists last year. Crazy stats too. Kante performed phenomenally at Chelsea and will probably continue to do so. Pogba and de Gea were the only reasons why Man U didn't completely suck last season. As for the defending trio, they easily have the best chemistry in the league with Vertonghen being the better defender than Alderweireld last season.
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