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    Its possible he can via his future sight but like i said, gil's a moron and he goes out of his way to inhibit his own clairvoyance.

    If he's completely serious then it's possible. But if we don't see it in Strange Fake against Alcides after Gil claimed he'd go all out without Ea, then I'm losing all hope.

    Still, just look up Gil's profile and you'll see the mats suggest what makes him the strongest hero is GoB, not Ea.
    i see i see very interesting

    Best girl.

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    I remember back in Fate/Zero Artoria being called by Iri and Kiritsugu the strongest servant you can summon under Saber class. Aperantly a lot of things changed since then.

    Aldough, I am not sure if they meant her with Avalon or without it.

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    Gil ~= Siegfried



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