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    Quote Originally Posted by McCree View Post
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    Rave had extremely good feats. Endless is as strong as anything in Kongou Bachou if not stronger.

    Just because Kongou Bachou got feats diesnt mean NNT will.

    Just because RAVE hit feats doesn't mean FT will.

    See the pattern? Your logic is faulty.

    Are you seriously suggesting that Nakaba is as incompotent as Hiro?I can't believe you're actually making a comparison.

    Since you brought up the topic of "patterns",lets look at NnT's crispy powerscale patterns.
    -Beginning of series we get a 3 megatons feat(small city level) from Baste dungeon's destruction
    -Liones invasion arc we get a 35 megatons feat(solid city level) from Ground Gladius.
    -The Ten commandments introduction we get a 1 gigaton feat(small island level) from the radiated heat of Monspiet's Purgatory flame bird.
    -The first major fight against the commandments we get a 24 gigatons feat(solid island level) from Dolor's Giga fall.And Dolor is a fucking scrub compared to the top tiers
    See the pattern?
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    You're making a comparison between Nakaba and mother fucking Hiro Mashima,yet you have the audacity to say,my logic is faulty.

    From the abilities that have already been displayed,i can think of 10 ways NnT characters can yield energies above 24 gigatons.

    -Diane's Mother catastrophe doesn't even have a calc and i'm damn sure it would be in the small island level range.But guess what?Diane is at a whole new level now than she was back then.Sooner or later she'll be doing stuff far above that.

    Gloxinia's Vasquez nuke dwarfed a fucking mountain.King's Chastiefol will be operating above that since he's suppose to surpass Gloxinia.

    Just think of 12:00 Escanor using his sacred treasure's ability,"charge and fire".

    Just think of current Mel using his Pillar of Darkness

    Then there's the 4 Archangels who alone could match the 10 commandments.
    There's also multiple Indura's still roaming around the Demon realm.

    Lets not forget the pinnacles of the Demon clan and the Goddess clan,the fucking Demon King and Supreme Diety.

    You're in for a load of disappointment son.

    You fucking triggered me and that's a hard thing to do
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    Only those are very much incompetent when they believe everything spell is consistent to one another


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